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Lpn To Rn Program - LPN to RN Program Options

traditional programs hybrid classes online programs

Many LPN’s will eventually go back to school to obtain their RN. While there are different programs available to help the nurse achieve this goal, there are many things to take into consideration, especially when it comes to choosing the right LPN to RN program. These programs are very diverse and the prospective student should choose accordingly. However, the three main types of educational curriculum to choose from tends to be the traditional classes, hybrid programs and distance education courses.

Traditional Programs

The traditional LPN to RN program generally consists of in class instruction with clinical rotations. However, the student should not automatically assume that this is the only methods used by instructors. Although the instructor meets with students in the classroom on an established basis, some may enhance learning through the use of the world wide web. In many cases, instructors will provide learning materials such as exercises, selected readings and study materials via the internet. Clinical rotations are also an important part of this program and are instructor guided.

Hybrid Classes

The hybrid LPN to RN program is usually a combination of classroom experience and online instruction. Unlike the traditional programs, students and faculty will meet on a limited basis. Some classes may only meet half of the semester and others only one day a week depending on the individual post-secondary institution. The rest of learning takes place online through the use of webinars and interactive materials. Students will complete clinical rotations as instructed at a facility chosen by the school.

Online Programs

The online LPN to RN program is quite different from the other two programs. The nurse is expected to learn the materials on his or her own time, sometimes with only little guidance. There are no meetings with instructors, but the student is still expected to perform clinical rotations. In some cases, the student nurse is responsible for finding an approved institution on their own. However, this will vary by the school. When considering this option, it is important to ensure that the school is approved by the board of nursing in the state in which one is licensed to practice.

No matter which type of LPN to RN program that the nurse is considering, there are some basic requirements for acceptance. While this criteria may slightly vary from one institution to the next, there are a few things that they do share in common. The traditional, hybrid and online LPN to RN programs all require that the nurse have an unrestricted license in the state of practice and/or residence. Other selective admissions criteria may also include letters of recommendations from nursing schools previously attended.

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