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Leon County Property Appraiser - An Insiders Guide to the Leon County Property Appraiser

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The Leon County Property Appraiser’s website provides an interface for citizens, government, and taxing authorities to access real estate information. The user friendly website can be accessed through the following web address: http://www.leonpa.org/. Contact information including the physical address, phone number, fax number, and email address of the Leon County Property Appraiser is presented at the bottom of each tab of the website. The property appraiser’s website allows users to access a Parcel Atlas, Tax Estimator, property search, GIS mapping, downloadable forms, answers to frequently asked questions, and educational videos.

The Parcel Atlas permits users to click on a parcel and section in order to download a map of the specified area. The printable map is in pdf format and displays county boundaries, section boundaries, quarter sections, subdivision boundaries, subdivision unit boundaries, parcel boundaries, lot boundaries, access easements, property tie ins, buildings, and water bodies utilizing from data collected in 2008.

Tax Estimator is a feature of the Leon County Property Appraiser’s website which aids users in estimating their property taxes. Tax estimator requires the parcel number, sale amount, and whether homestead exemption will be applied to calculate the current taxes for the property.

One of the most useful functions of the Leon County Property Appraiser’s website is the property search option. Individual property searches can be conducted using the property address, owner’s name, or parcel number. The search provides a Property Information Sheet in a pop-up window which details the property identification number assigned by the property appraiser, site address, owner’s name and mailing address, property tax, property value, information on emergency services for the property, land use, election data, school zoning, and the probability of flood hazards. The Property Information Sheet also depicts an outline of the property boundaries on a base map.

More detailed mapping of Leon County Properties can be obtained from the GIS based I-Maps interface on the Leon County Property Appraiser’s website. The I-Maps facilitate users in overlaying various layers to create a unique map suited to their purpose. Layers currently available through I-Maps include the Locations Map, Elections Map, Historic Resources Map, Blueprint 2000 Map, Weather Map, Natural Features Map, Parks Map, Land ID Map, PA Cadastral Map, Online Police Statistics, Property Appraiser, and Property Info Sheet. Users can also select additional map layers such as Economic Incentive Areas, Special Planning Areas, Zoning, School Zones, Streets, Environmental Sensitive Areas, and FEMA features.

Examples of two applications of the Leon County Property Appraiser’s GIS mapping system include disaster management and law enforcement. Disaster management organizations, including FEMA and the Red Cross, can utilize available data to create a visual image of the area most likely to sustain damage in a natural disaster as well as the area most likely to need critical services. Law enforcement officials can use layers to visual depict area of high crime to more efficiently allocate their patrols. I-maps also include the ability to check on the status of permits. Additional helpful features of the I-Maps include a data dictionary, map tools help, map user guide, and the ability to submit feedback online.

Downloadable forms from the Leon County Property Appraiser’s website are divided into three categories: exemptions, petitions, and others. The 2011 Homestead Exemption Application, along with a list of the eligibility criteria and homestead application instructions, is available under the exemptions category. Other exemption forms include the Portability Application, Low Income Senior Application, Assessment Reduction for Living Quarters of Parents and Grandparents, Charitable Contributions, Historic Property Application, and Physician’s Certification of Total and Permanent Disability. Petitions include the Value Adjustment Board and Value Adjustment Board – Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference. Other forms accessible from the website are the Tangible Tax Return, Parcel Combination Request, Parcel Cutout Request, and Sales Verification.

The Frequently Asked Questions section of the website presents solutions for common exemption, Save Our Homes, valuations, rates, and taxes questions. A data form can be completed to file online for an address change with the Leon County Property Appraiser using the Change Mail Address tab on the website. Educational videos titled “Save Our Homes and Tax Shock” and “Property Appraisal Explained” in Adobe Flash format can be viewed through the website.

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