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Electric Blanket Queen - Important Information on Queen Electric Blankets

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Summer is drawing to an end and soon the chill of fall and then the cold of winter will be on us. One way to keep warm this fall and winter is by investing in a good quality queen electric blanket. Electric blankets have been around since the early 1900’s. Due to increased technology and better electrical systems, the queen electric blankets are not only much warmer than those from the past, they are also much safer.

How does an electric blanket work?

A queen size electric blanket is a blanket with a heating system built into the blanket. The heating system is electrical and is controlled with units outside the blanket. The heating unit is usually made of carbon fiber wires, which are considered safer than the older electrical wires.

What features should a consumer look for in a queen electric blanket?

Dual Controls If two people are sharing the queen size electric blanket, then dual controls are a must. Dual controls allow each person on each side of the bed to adjust the temperature of the blanket to his or her own comfort. This feature is very handy if one person prefers to sleep in a cooler room than the other.
Lit Control Unit with Auto Dimmer A queen electric blanket control should be lit so that the consumers can see what temperature adjustments they wish for their electric blanket. A lit control unit assures that if they awake cold or hot during the night, they can then adjust the queen electric blanket to a more pleasing temperature. The auto dimmer feature is one that ensures that the little light on the queen electric blanket control unit will not keep the sleepy consumer awake.
Auto Off A unit that will turn itself off after a specified number of hours is a must-have safety feature in a queen size electric blanket. The majority of electric blankets have this feature with hours ranging from 10-12. This important safety feature ensures that even if consumers
forget to turn the blanket off when they leave their bed, there is very small risk of a fire. The blanket will not stay on all day and overheat. Of all the important features a high quality queen electric blanket should have, this is one of the most important.
Multiple Warming Settings Queen size electric blankets of the past had two temperature settings, low heat and high heat. Now, queen electric blankets come in a variety of temperature settings. The majority of electric blankets have 8-10 settings, ensuring that consumers can set the blankets to their personally desired comfort level.

Queen size electric blankets can also help consumers save money on their heating bills. By setting their thermostats back 5-10 degrees each night and using an electric blanket, it is possible for queen electric blanket users to save up to 10 percent on their heating bill.

Who Should Not Use a Queen Electric Blanket?

Queen electric blankets, just like any piece of electrical equipment, can malfunction or break. For this reason, it is recommended that infants, small children, people who are immobile, have a heat insensitivity or people who cannot read the instructions and understand them do not use an electric blanket. If a consumer believes he or she may have a health risk that could be exacerbated by the use of a queen electric blanket, they should check with their doctor prior to use. Consumers should know that the risk to owning a queen electric blanket is very small for the average user. As long as the queen electric blanket is properly maintained according to manufacturer’s directions, they should be able to enjoy their electric blanket.

Important Safety Rules for Use of Queen Electric Blankets

- Do not run the wires of the queen electric blanket between the mattress and the boxspring. Friction between the mattress and boxsprings could cause the cords to fray.
-If consumers have questions or concerns over their queen electric blanket, they should contact the manufacturer of the blanket.

Queen size electric blankets are not only comfy and cozy, they are also energy efficient and a wonderful way to save money.

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