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Edmonton Movie Guide - Find Good Movies to See With the Edmonton Movie Guide

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The Edmonton Movie Guide, which can be found at www.edmovieguide.com, is a comprehensive web site serving Edmonton and the surrounding areas, featuring show times, movie reviews, detailed information about the films themselves, and links to other movie sites and sites providing information about Edmonton, Alberta. It shows you in alphabetical order what’s playing, with a detailed synopsis for each film followed by information containing the director of the film, the actors, the writers, and the rest of the credits. With each movie listing is a list of which theaters in the area are playing the film, the show times for each theater, and a link to the theater’s web site to get current ticket prices. The Edmonton Movie Guide allows users to submit their own movie reviews, read other movie reviews, and participate in an online movie quiz. You can choose from a ten question quiz up to a fifty-eight question quiz. The site is well-designed and does not contain offensive ads or gimmicky animations which could slow your computer down, nor does it contain pop-up ads. People in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, including those in town for a visit, will find this site very useful when they’re in the mood to go see a movie. The database of available movies is kept current and is updated regularly, ensuring that you will have the most accurate information with which to plan your day and make arrangements for when you want to see a movie. There is a full listing of art house theaters to choose from as well, showing the hottest independent films for those with a taste for the alternative. Many independent films offer a unique perspective and a more enthralling approach to the telling of a story than Hollywood’s latest offerings, and those films which do well in independent circles usually make it to the mainstream box office eventually. Aspiring filmmakers have found independent films to be a great source of inspiration and ideas because the makers of these films operate outside of the restrictive expectations of big studio executives, many of whom are primarily interested in monetary gain over a well told story. Some of the biggest smash hits in box office history started out as small, low-budget indie films before garnering huge success in their second run. The Edmonton Movie Guide is great for helping you to find these and all the other current movies playing in theaters, and they make it easy to choose what you want to see, and when you want to see it.

The site is designed to be easy to navigate, and it largely succeeds in this way. From easy menus on the left-hand screen with no flashy intros or sound effects, and straightforward, easy access to the information movie-goers want, this site will probably be around for a while. The Edmonton Movie Guide is hosted by Tribute.ca, a Canadian web hosting service. There are a lot of fine quality movie theaters in Edmonton and the areas surrounding the city, and the Edmonton Movie Guide will surely drive a lot business toward these movie houses, with all of their listings and phone numbers present on the site. If you have family in Alberta, or have plans to be visiting the area any time soon, you would be well advised to try out www.edmovieguide.com as a resource for movie houses and movies now playing in and around Edmonton. Movies make a great time-out from action-packed vacations, letting you settle down, relax, and escape into fantasy for a while. While films can be seen almost anywhere, seeing them in a quality theater makes all the difference in the world. If you take the time to plan ahead using the Edmonton Movie Guide, you will be better off. People travel to Alberta all the time for its sunny climate, mountainous regions, and places to hike, ski, camp, and fish. The West Edmonton Mall attracts shoppers from all around the world, and the national parks there include the Elk Island National Park, Wood Buffalo National Park, and the Columbia Icefield. If you’ve never been to Alberta, and especially Edmonton, you would be hard pressed to find a more unique vacation spot in the northern region of North America.

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