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Washington Dc Zoo - How To Visit The Washington DC Zoo

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Many zoos across the United States have stellar reputations. But truth be told, some of these reputations are deserved and some are not. For instance, if you visited San Diego and didn’t do your research, you would end up at the San Diego Zoo opposed to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. The former is crowded and the animals are caged. The latter is spacious and you get to see the animals in their natural habitats. So … you now know that the San Diego Zoo is overrated. One famous zoo that is not overrated, and underrated if anything, is the Washington DC Zoo. The official name for the Washington DC Zoo is Smithsonian’s National Zoo, but almost everyone calls it the Washington DC Zoo.

The Washington DC Zoo is open every day of the year excluding Christmas. From April to October, hours are from 10 am to 6 pm. For November to March, hours are from 10 am to 4:30 pm. The address for the Washington DC Zoo is 3001 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC, 20008. It is accessible by car, bus, foot, or metro. The Washington Zoo recommends that you take the metro if you plan on visiting during the spring or summer. This is due to the fact that the parking lots will get crowded very quickly and there is little room for buses to drop people off. They will often only take buses with reservations. If you’re intent on driving to the Washington D.C. Zoo, it would be a good idea to arrive after 2 pm. By taking this approach, most people will be leaving, not arriving. You will also have more room to maneuver in the zoo, which means better views of the animals. Also, if you plan on driving to the Washington Zoo, consider using the entrance near Rock Creek Park opposed to the entrance on Connecticut Avenue. You will find it to be less congested. Parking at the Washington DC Zoo costs $10 for the first hour, $15 for 2-3 hours, and $20 for 3 hours or more.

The Washington DC Zoo has 2,000 animals spread out over 167 acres. That’s only one reason the Washington DC Zoo is so great. A few other reasons are that it’s free, there are 4 restaurants on the property to choose from, and the trail map is easy to follow. Nothing is more annoying than visiting a zoo and having to choose between two different routes, knowing you will miss something you wanted to see. The layout at the Washington DC Zoo is not like that at all. Other than one small stretch, it’s pretty much a gigantic circle, which allows you to see everything. Also keep in mind when you visit the zoo that the only thing with wheels that is allowed is a stroller. If you don’t feel like lugging one to the zoo, or you don’t have one, you can rent one for only $9 for the day.

The Washington Zoo is also special because of the all the events it offers. These include Fiesta Musical, Grapes with the Apes, Autumn Conservation Festival, Boo at the Zoo, Night of the Living Zoo, and Zoo Lights. You can also host a birthday party at the Washington DC Zoo. What could be more memorable for a kid than non-verbal communication with apes, visiting a petting zoo, and then eating pizza and ice cream cake? Yes, a sink is available for hand-washing prior to eating. Birthday parties at the Washington Zoo are only allowed on weekends.

The different areas to visit at the Washington DC Zoo include African Savanna, Amazonia, Asia Trail, Asian Elephants, Kid’s Farm, North America, Ocean Living, Reptiles and Amphibians, Small Mammals, Think Tank, Backyard Biology, Birds, Great Apes, Invertebrates, and Giant Pandas. While visiting the Washington DC Zoo, keep in mind that 20% of these species are endangered and need to be cared for. Also keep in mind that this zoo is free and funding is required in order to keep the zoo going. It’s important to donate as much as you can by purchasing gift items, food, or anything else you see available for purchase on zoo property. Your support today will allow for a beautiful Washington DC Zoo tomorrow.

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