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Tripp Lite Surge Protector - Tripp Lite Surge Protectors - Tripp Lite Surge Protectors

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In order to protect expensive electronic devices against lightning strikes and other events that might cause a damaging electric surge, it is important to have a reliable surge protector. These devices act as a sort of buffer between the main power line and the device that is plugged into them. While most electric lines in the United States have a steady 120 volt charge flowing through them, this flow can sometimes be interrupted, especially if there are several high current devices attached to the line. When these devices are frequently turned off and on, then an electric surge could result. If for some reason there is an electric surge, then the surge protector will divert the electric energy away from your device. The electric levels are measured through semiconductors in the surge protector that will divert the excess energy into a grounding wire that absorbs the excess energy. Many surge protectors also have a fuse system that cuts off the flow of power if electricity levels get too high. Although surge protectors can sometimes be designed for a single device, most surge protectors on the market are multiple device power strip protectors.

When you are looking for a good surge protector, there are a two key factors to consider. First, be sure to get a surge protector that will not let too much voltage through (known as “low clamping voltage”). For more devices, look for something that allows no more than 330 volts through. You also will need to consider how much energy the surge protector can absorb. This figure, measured in joules, should be over 2500, and, if possible, over 3000 joules. Although there are several companies that make surge protectors, one of the most reliable is Tripp Lite.

Tripp Lite Surge Protectors

The Tripp Lite company, which was founded by Graham Trippe after he invented an innovative new type of headlight in 1922, now offers a wide variety of electric and connectivity products. They have several dozen kinds of surge protectors. Their standard surge protectors cost anywhere from under $10 to about $70. They can absorb anywhere from 180 joules for the $7 model to over 3000 for the $70 model. While the amount of energy that can absorb will vary, the voltage clamping rate for standard Tripp Lite surge protectors is typically 140 to 150 volts. Therefore, if you want to have a long lasting surge protector, it is probably worth a little extra money to get a higher quality model.

In addition to the standard Tripp Lite surge protectors, the company has a number of premium and specialized surge protectors. Some of their premium models have a joule rating of almost 4000, and these can be as much as $130. Also, the company has surge protectors specially designed for audio and visual equipment along with portable surge protectors. Finally, Tripp Lite also has a line of hospital grade surge protectors, eco-friendly surge protectors, and industrial surge protectors. With a variety of models and protection levels available, you should be able to find a Tripp Lite surge protector that meets your needs and protects your valuable electronic equipment.

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