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Free Spyware Downloads - 3 Things You Need to Know about Free Spyware Downloads

Are Free Spyware Downloads Really Free?

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It seems like everyone is looking for free spyware downloads nowadays. It’s not really surprising when you consider the fact that spyware runs rampant on the Web and even our emails and instant messages have become targets of spyware attacks. People want to protect their computers but they don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to do it, which is why free spyware programs are so popular. That being said, there are some things you need to know about free spyware downloads before you decide to use one on your computer.

1. Is It Really Free?
When it comes to free spyware downloads, “free” is really a relative term. Many of the free spyware downloads on the Web will allow you to download a free scanner that will check your system for any spyware infections. If, however, spyware is found, you may have to pay to upgrade to the full version of the product in order to remove the spyware.

It is not unreasonable for software companies to expect payment for the full version of their product. That being said, there are some disreputable spyware distributors that will provide you with “false positive” scan results just to lure you in to paying for the full version to remove the nonexistent threat. Because of this, it is important to only use free software spyware from reputable companies that don’t use these tactics.

2. What Comes with It?
The last thing you want to do when getting a free spyware program is to infect your system with the very thing you are trying to protect it from. There are some free spyware downloads out there that come bundled with adware and other software components that you might not want on your computer. Read the fine print of any free spyware downloads carefully if you don’t want to fall into this trap.

3. Beggars Can’t Be Choosers
If you do opt for one of the free spyware downloads that are truly free full-version products, don’t expect the same level of service and support you would get if you were paying for an anti-spyware product. There is an old saying that tells us “you get what you pay for” and free spyware downloads are not the exception to that rule.

If you want a fully-featured anti-spyware product with access to advanced technical support, then free spyware downloads probably aren’t your best bet. If, however, you just want basic spyware protection and can manage the technical details yourself, there are an abundance of free spyware programs to choose from.

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