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Glasgow Car Hire - A Beginner's Guide to Glasgow Car Hire - Tips for Driving Rented Cars in Glasgow, Glasgow Car Hire

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For tourists, Scotland’s largest city offers culture, retail, history, architecture, art, and more. For businessmen, it supports one of the largest infrastructures in the United Kingdom, making it a frequent professional destination. For everyone, Glasgow offers a beautiful countryside and close proximity to Edinburgh. Thus, Glasgow car hire is a popular investment for many of its visitors. Visitors wanting to rent a car in Glasgow have a myriad of businesses to choose from, with many providers opening and closing every year. Furthermore, those choosing to rent cars in Glasgow are advised to take certain additional precautions, particularly if they are not familiar with the area.

Tips for Driving Rented Cars in Glasgow

Like the rest of the United Kingdom, Glasgow motorists drive on the left side of the road, which means that motorists from opposing countries should be mindful of how this affects traffic patterns. Additionally, Glasgow struggles with high auto theft rates, which means that motorists should take special care to lock and secure their vehicle.

The minimum rental age in Glasgow is 23 years old, though a surcharge is often assigned to drivers under 25. Most providers also have a maximum rental age in the mid-seventies. Certain cars, especially luxury sports cars, have additional restrictions to keep them out of the hands of young or risky drivers. A passport and valid driver’s license is needed to complete the transaction.

Local laws require that seatbelts be worn at all times, that sidelights be on during the day, and that headlights be on at night. Other standard laws like car seats and obedience toward traffic signs also apply.

Glasgow Car Hire

The large number of Glasgow car hire providers can be overwhelming to the first time visitor. Though individual visitors might be happier digging through every small rental shop in the area, a few businesses have distinguished themselves as steady, reliable sources for rental vehicles.

All major international car rental businesses are represented in Glasgow, including Enterprise, Thrifty, Avis, National, and Hertz. However, those wanting to go with a strong local contender in Glasgow Car Hire should strongly consider Clarkson of Scotland, a thirty year-old car rental company whose rates regularly outpace international chains.

The most common form of car rental in Glasgow is a small economy class vehicle such as a Vauxhall Corsa. Starting at £75.00 (USD112), these vehicles are ideal for coasting around the Scottish countryside. Renting such a vehicle for a longer trip reduces the daily fee significantly; two weeks in a Corsa runs £250 (USD374).

Below is a listing of other vehicles available in Glasgow and their average starting rates for three day rentals. Note that these are merely estimates, and that the USD equivalents listed after each rate are rounded rather than exact conversions:

  • SUV: £175 (USD260)
  • Premium: £235 (USD350)
  • Full Size: £240 (USD360)
  • Luxury: £230 (USD340)

Drivers wanting to experience Scotland as quickly and luxuriously as possible can also secure upscale vehicles. A Jaguar XJ or similar luxury vehicle runs about £600, while a Mercedes-Benz S-Class can be secured for around £700. There tends to be some extra paperwork associated with such rentals, and drivers under 25 are rarely permitted to rent such valuable vehicles.

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