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New Balance Womens Running Shoes - A Buying Guide for New Balance Women’s Running Shoes - Neutral training shoes, Racing shoes, Shoes for trail runners

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New Balance womens running shoes come in a wide variety of styles and colors, and sometimes finding the perfect pair can be a bit challenging. However, runners can just take a closer look at their personal style of running and the shape of their feet to get an idea of which kind of womens New Balance running shoes is right for them.

Neutral training shoes

One of the largest categories of New Balance womens running shoes is the neutral trainer. This category of running shoes is perfect for the runner who takes part in all aspects of exercise and wants a shoe that will work well across all areas of play, including running. The New Balance women’s running shoes in this category tend to range in price from $90 to $120, although they can get up to the $140 range.

Racing shoes

Runners who participate in a lot of races will want to consider a pair of New Balance racing flats. This category of shoes typically sits lower on the foot overall, and the shoes in this category usually offer exceptional shock absorption to help ease the burden on the runner’s body as she flies down the race track. A pair of New Balance womens racing flats usually cost right around $100.

Shoes for trail runners

Runners who like to hit the track and head off road will appreciate the AT Tread options from New Balance. This tread is designed to be an all-terrain tread so that runners can run wherever they like, even if that location changes from day to day. Some shoes with the AT Tread even come in a lightweight version, which is basically a shoe that is designed to weigh less than the average shoe. Shoes with the AT Tread usually fall in the $60 to $100 range, depending on whether they are lightweight or not. The lightweight varieties fall toward the lower end of that range.

There are also many other New Balance womens running shoes that offer different options for runners who like to go off road. Look for shoes with the Rockstop plate and Toe Protect bumper for further protection against rocky trails. Shoes with Rockstop are a bit more expensive than those with the AT Tread, coming in between $100 and $110.

New Balance womens running shoes for flat-footed ladies

New Balance even takes into account that some women are flat-footed, and the company has created the New Balance 1012 shoe. This motion control shoe provides plenty of thick cushioning and places the energy right in the heel, which is where it should be for healthy running. The 1012 shoe is priced right around $130.

Shoes with gel units

Runners who appreciate a very soft touch on the bottoms of their feet may want to try one of the varieties that have gel in the bottom of them. This gel creates a very soft landing with every single step, while still providing all the support a runner needs. These shoes are usually in the $100 to $110 range.

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