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Conference Call Phone - A Conference Call Phone to Change the Way We Do Business

Finding a quality conference call phone

office panasonic feature offers

A conference call phone offers one of the most efficient forms of communication in today’s over-abundant technological systems. Many corporations find that employees who work from home reduce traditional office costs and give tremendous savings. In all practicalities, it is the bottom-line that matters. The idea behind a good conference call phone is to simulate the actual meeting setting without having to assemble everyone in one location. Business can be done from all over the world professionally and without having to huddle around a phone speaker. There are many available brands with varying price ranges to fit a variety of budgets.

  • The Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000 Conference Call Phone, from Polycom, is a single-line operational unit that is changing the way we do business. Staff members can speak 2 to 20 feet from the microphone and be heard clearly by those on the other end of the receiving line. Productivity is increased and this feature encourages active participation in the board room when team members feel their voices are heard. This unit is first in the world with high-fidelity, wideband capabilities giving that “in the same room” quality. Full range coverage is considered a room size of 54’ x40’, and there are many add on features which make the SoundStation VTX 1000 conference call phone one of the best in the field. Priced reasonably in the range of $600 to $850, it is sure to make meetings run smoother and end sooner.
  • The Konftel 300IP works well for companies that rely upon IP telephony (communication service via internet). The Konftel 300IP offers clear and concise sound and transmission. It allows 5-way calls and offers a pre-programmed dial feature which connects everyone by the simple touch of a button. This conference call phone has a recording feature so that all conversations are recorded for future use. With the addition of expansion microphones, the phone can be used in larger room settings for optimum sound. Konftel phones are purchased through distributors. You may contact their corporate office by phone or email for a representative in your area.
  • Panasonic offers a great conference call phone, The Panasonic KX TS730 is ideal for an office environment, home use, and larger corporate needs. A voice can be heard from as far as 10 feet away from the central microphone. This phone has caller ID for security and comfort of its owners. It is lightweight and easily installed. The KX TS730 has a pause feature which can be useful in a meeting setting. Panasonic in in the process of improving this technology as to make way for something newer and more innovative, giving you an opportunity to purchase a very good product at a reduced price. Panasonic products can be purchased in a variety of office supply stores.

A conference call phone makes working from home or in the office easier and more cost effective. There are several on the market but it is important to find good quality phones to make your meetings professional and worthwhile.

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