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Oslo Norway Hotels - A First Timer's Guide to Oslo Norway Hotels

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As a world center, Oslo Norway receives numerous business visitors in addition to its many tourists. The sheer internationality of this city has given rise to around 70 hotels in the Oslo metropolitan area, which can make finding Oslo Norway hotels into a daunting task. Peak operating periods, language barriers, and wildly-fluctuating prices are all factors which must be considered when choosing from Oslo Norway hotels.

Oslo hosts several major events each year, the most well-known of which is the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize (not to be confused with the Nobel Prize, awarded in Stockholm). The specific dates of Nobel Week vary slightly, but the big banquet is always held on December 10th. Such events have a habit of filling every hotel in town, forcing would-be guests to stay outside the city proper and commute to their events by train. To find good Oslo Norway hotels, travelers should make their reservations well in advance while being mindful of local events.

Having recently re-usurped Tokyo as the most expensive city in the world, Oslo Norway hotels are by no means cheap. Relatively inexpensive hotels like the Budget Hotel Oslo still cost 499 Norwegian krone (77 USD) per night, and this rate only for a single room booked well in advance. Luxury options like the Grand Hotel Oslo (a favorite of Nobel Peace Prize winners like Barack Obama or Nelson Mandela) start at NOK 994 (USD 152) and up, and up, and up to NOK 8925 (USD 1373) for a 2-bedroom deluxe corner suite.

Travelers for whom the prices above are uncomfortably high still have a few other budget options. Camping huts, mountains cabins, and youth hostels like Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim can provide accommodations for as low as NOK 150 (USD 23). Though more expensive than youth hostels in most other places of the world, they are comparatively inexpensive.

Most Norwegians speak English, which makes securing lodging fairly easy. Hotel-seekers using the internet may need to use translation software such as that offered by Google or Yahoo to read certain web pages, particularly those for budget hotels. Major credit cards make the translation easier than people with little experience in norsk, so once the site is translated, it should be possible to make a payment. If all else fails, a simple email to the hotel should be sufficient to handle any problems.

If travelers fail to book their hotel rooms far enough in advance to stay in Oslo during peak travel seasons, they should not expect to save money by staying in another city. Hotel prices are fairly standard throughout the greater Oslo area. It is simply an expensive place to sleep.

Budget Hotel Oslo
Prinsensgate 6
0152 Oslo
(+47) 21 01 40 55

Grand Hotel Oslo
Karl Johans: Gate 31
0159 Oslo
(+47) 23 21 20 00

Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim
Haraldsheimveien 4
0159 Oslo
(+47) 22 22 29 65

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