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Fremont Homes For Sale - A Guide to Fremont homes for sale - Mission San Jose, Irvington, Warm Springs, Niles, Centreville

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Fremont, California is located in the San Francisco bay area, and it is actually a newer city that was formed within the last century through the union of several smaller towns. The five towns which united to create Fremont are Mission San Jose, Irvington, Warm Springs, Niles, and Centreville. These five towns still make up very distinct parts of the city, and it is easy to sort out all the Fremont homes for sale by dividing them into these five districts.

Mission San Jose

The Mission San Jose area is home to one of the oldest Spanish missions in California, and it sits right at the bottom of the hills in Fremont. The hills around the Mission San Jose area are very steep and contain two major peaks: Mount Allison and Mission Peak. The Mission San Jose area does hold the largest Asian American population in the city, with half of its residents being of Asian descent. Mission San Jose also holds one of the highest rated public school systems in the area, so many families choose to move there. Because most of this area is made up of professionals making more than $100,000 per year, the majority of Fremont homes for sale in this district are priced just under $1 million and above.


The Irvington population tends to be more working class than Mission San Jose, so the home prices are quite a bit cheaper. Many homes in Irvington will sell for about $250,000 dollars and up.

Warm Springs

The Warm Springs area is located on Fremont’s south side, and it is very close to Silicon Valley. This is why you will find many technology companies located in the Warm Springs area. Warm Springs does seem like it is a bit more city-like than other parts of Fremont because of all the shops and large shopping centers located there. Much of the population in the Warm Springs district is blue-collar, and the home prices range from about $300,000 on up.


Niles is a bit more isolated from the other parts of Fremont due to the geography of the area, which includes hills, a creek, and a railroad. Niles is considered by many to be the trendy part of Fremont, and it pays homage to its artistic history with a film museum and a silent movie theater. Prices for Fremont homes for sale in the Niles area are much more varied than other parts of the city and usually range anywhere from $500,000 to $800,000.


Centreville holds part of downtown Fremont, and home prices in this area are generally pretty stable at $400,000-$500,000. Known as “Little Kabul," Centreville does have quite a large Afghani population.

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