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Master In Psychology - A Guide to Getting a Master in Psychology - Choosing a school that offers a master in psychology

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Starting on the path toward a new education is always exciting, and that feeling may only be topped by the feeling of furthering the education you already have, like earning a masters degree in psychology. Many positions in the field of psychology require only a bachelor’s degree, but getting a master in psychology can only open up more doors for you.

Choosing a school that offers a master in psychology

The first, and probably most important, step in earning your master in psychology is choosing a school that offers the program. This may sound easy, but there are a lot of choices when it comes to schools. For example, are you set up getting your master in psychology from the same school where you earned your bachelor’s, or are you comfortable with earning a master’s degree somewhere else? Students who want to get their master’s from the same school where they got their bachelor’s already have this step completed, but other students will have to consider whether they want to attend classes at an actual school, or if they want to take online classes instead. Online classes offer the perfect flexibility for students who are holding down a full time job in psychology while still going to school to get a master in psychology.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a school is that it should be one that is accredited. Accreditation from a well-known educational organization basically means that the school meets that organization’s high standards for quality in education. Not all schools are accredited, so be sure to look into the school and make sure that it is before enrolling. Also check out some student reviews online to find the best schools for students in your situation. For example, a single working mother will be able to find a school that suits her needs more easily by checking out recommendations from other single working mothers who have sought a graduate level degree from the school you are considering.

Taking graduate level courses

After selecting a school and enrolling, then it is time to actually begin taking classes. It does take the typical student about a year beyond their bachelor’s degree to actually earn their master in psychology. Also these graduate level courses will require some sort of research and additional study while taking the courses.

After earning a master in psychology

Of course finishing classes and actually completing a master in psychology may seem like it is the easy part, especially when it comes to job hunting after you have earned the master’s degree in psychology. People who have a master in psychology become eligible for a lot more jobs than they were eligible for when they only had a bachelor’s degree. For example, clinicians require at least a master’s degree, although most of them do have doctoral degrees. However, someone with only a bachelor’s degree would never have been eligible to be a clinician. A clinician diagnoses and treats people who are suffering from a wide variety of mental or emotional disorders. People with a master’s degree may also be eligible for research or government positions in the psychology field.

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