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Umc Las Vegas - A Quick Online Tour of UMC Las Vegas - UMC Facilities, UMC History, UMC Today

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UMC Las Vegas, as it is known to locals, is actually named the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada. (But UMC does have an easier way of rolling off the tongue). The hospital was founded in 1931, and is run by the Clark County Commission. This guide is a brief introduction to its facilities, history, and ongoing services.

UMC Facilities

UMC Las Vegas is a proud pioneer in the state, housing many one-of-a-kind services within Nevada. The Lions Burn Care Center is one of these services, providing burn care services to all Nevada residents. UMC is also the state-designated Level I Trauma Center for all of Southern Nevada, with a specialized medical team ready to treat the severely injured 24 hours a day.

UMC Vegas also has a heliport for air ambulance rescues, a pulmonary function lab, an infusion clinic, and a children’s hospital. They have quick care centers located throughout Southern Nevada that can provide both urgent and ongoing care. They continue to be on the forefront of Nevada medicine.

UMC History

UMC was first organized as Clark County Indigent Hospital in 1931. After that it went through two more name transformations before becoming what we know it as today. Being located in Vegas has brought a large share of famous people into the care of UMC over the years, including rapper Tupac Shakur and performer Roy Horn (Siegfried and Roy).

UMC Today

UMC Las Vegas embraces the philosophy of individualized care; treating individuals on a personal level and catering to their emotional needs as well as the physical. They train their staff of nurses to listen to the unique needs of each patient and do their best to accommodate them. Their comprehensive site gives tools and information to patients and physicians alike, and their career search gives quick access to the dozens of positions that are posted there.

UMC of Southern Nevada continues to innovate in its field and find new ways of serving its patients. If you find yourself in Southern Nevada in need of medical care, you can feel satisfied knowing you’re in good hands.

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