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Stockton Homes For Sale - A Stockton California Home for Everyone

Tips on Finding the Right House to Buy in Stockton

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Stockton, California is climbing on the real estate charts. 2010 saw an increase of over 300 Stockton homes for sale. If you are considering moving to California there is a home in Stockton waiting for you. Stockton is a coastal town with a population just over 230,000. The rich history and exciting nightlife make this a good location for working singles, married couples or families. Knowing the best area is the key to finding the right home in Stockton.

The Holt and Trull neighborhoods are good for young couples and families. This area is the largest in Stockton and offers single dwelling homes with a median cost of $340,000. This area is rural and families can enjoy large yards for children to play. Holt and Trull is also close to the coast and industrial area in Stockton so businesspersons working in these industries will also want to look in this area.

The French Camp is also a good neighborhood for families. The median home value in this area is $230,000. This area offers quality school districts and a rural location. French Camp has predominantly single dwelling homes with large lots.

College students and singles looking for a home in a trendy are should look in the Country Club area. This area has median home value of $187,000. The homes in this area consist of smaller homes with one or two bedrooms. Homes in this area are near the downtown area with shopping and entertainment venues. College students tend to prefer this area because of the vibrant nightlife.

College students will also want to look in the San Joaquin Delta College district. The proximity of this area to the campus makes it perfect for students. You can find condominiums, apartments and single-family homes in this area. The average cost for a home in the San Joaquin Delta College district is $212,000.

If you are looking for a leisure lifestyle in a rural area to raise your family, Stockton has the house for you. Stockton offers the urban sophistication and the rural atmosphere you are looking for when purchasing a home.

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