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North Richland Hills Hotels - A Traveler's Tour of North Richland Hills Hotels

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Between Fort Worth and Dallas sits the suburb of North Richland Hills, which offers a range of budget and value hotels. Serving more of a community than a tourist attraction, North Richland Hills hotels cater to different views on cost vs. quality. This article provides travelers with a tour of these hotels, beginning as most travelers do: the airport freeway out of Fort Worth.

First along the freeway is La Quinta Inn & Suites. A new hotel, La Quinta feels spotless and well-maintained. With prices starting at $79, this reasonably priced hotel sends its guests away feeling very satisfied; indeed, consumer review sites consistently rate it a 5/5. Those staying at La Quinta can plan on breakfast in the hotel—the homemade waffles are hard to resist.

Further up the freeway, Comfort Suites provides another well-reviewed and well-priced option. With prices from $75 for advance purchases and $89 in person, Comfort Suites offers worthy competition to La Quinta. Previous lodgers speak particularly well of the helpful, friendly staff.

Past these hotels, the freeway splits into Interstate 820 to the west, and Highways 121 and 183 to the east. Clustered around this area are several discount chain hotel options, including Travelodge, Motel 6, and Best Western. Among these, the Motel 6 is the cheapest in price and amenity at $39+. Though Best Western is often one of the better discount hotel chains, among North Richland Hills Hotels it is one of the worst with prices starting at $68 and low customer satisfaction due to an old building, isolated location, and a cramped breakfast area. The Travelodge between the two is a gamble: though priced well from $47, it alternates between spotless and smelly depending on who is working.

A lone Comfort Inn offers lodging in the west part of the city near Iron Horse golf course, Richland High School, and the many eateries along Rufie Snow Drive, one block to the west. With prices starting at $55, this budget option provides a small pool and an ideal location—quiet neighborhood, yet with many businesses and eateries within walking distance. On the downside, the building is old, with no elevator and a fair number of mechanical problems.

Despite endorsement from Money magazine as one of the top 100 places to live in the United States, North Richland Hills hotels offer little in terms of luxury, ranging from budget to value. At the budget range, cleanliness tends to be the first sacrifice, while the value hotels on the freeway to Fort Worth airport take great pride in their tidiness. In choosing from North Richland Hills hotels, travelers are advised to weigh the relative benefits of price vs. cleanliness in making their choices.

La Quinta Inn & Suites
653 NE Loop 820
(817) 595-4442

Comfort Suites
643 NE Loop 820
(817) 595-3332

Motel 6
7804 Bedford Euless Road
(817) 485-3000

Best Western
8709 Airport Freeway
(817) 656-8881

7920 Bedford Euless Road
(817) 485-2750

Comfort Inn
5151 Thaxton Parkway

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