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Blue Cross Dental Insurance - A guide to buying dental insurance from Blue Cross - Blue Cross dental insurance as part of a group plan

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Shopping for dental insurance is a big decision, and there are so many insurance providers that it can be a dizzying task. One of the major providers of all kinds of health insurance, including dental, is Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Blue Cross dental insurance is actually sold under the full name of the company, which is Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Blue Cross dental insurance as part of a group plan

Anthem Blue Cross Blue shield offers insurance in all 50 states, and dental insurance is usually part of the comprehensive packages offered. The company provides dental coverage under two different types of plans.

New Dental Blue PPO Plans

The New Dental Blue PPO plans are part of a three-tier network that is broken down by size of the employer purchasing the plan. Employers with more than 51 employees fall under the large group coverage. Employers with 50 employees or less fall under the small group coverage, and people who are purchasing Blue Cross dental insurance for themselves only fall under the individual plan. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield says the benefits of the New Dental PPO plans include access to more dentists in more locations and more affordable coverage without losing benefits. The plans require employers to choose a specific network of dentists, and their employees can choose to have full coverage by seeing a dentist in that network, or they can choose to see a dentist that is in a different one of the other two available Dental Blue networks and be able to get negotiated rates from the dentist. Costs for a dentist who is completely out of network are much higher.

Anthem Dental Traditional Plans

Traditional dental insurance from Blue Cross does not have a provider network, which means that plan members have complete freedom to choose their dentist. The traditional plan does cost more than the New Blue PPO plans because there is not set network of dental providers, but it does allow plan members to see whoever they want for their dental care.

Prevention is Best

One thing you will notice immediately about the dental plans on the website for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is the fact that the company emphasizes prevention. Most plans do cover preventative dental care completely, so it’s clear to see that the company hopes to keep your teeth healthy by allowing you to see the dentist for preventative care on a regular basis.

Reviews of Blue Cross dental insurance

Overall, there don’t seem to be too many complaints about the dental insurance from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Most of the complaints that are posted about the company involve the health insurance, and they aren’t any different than any of the complaints about other health insurance providers.

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