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National Geographic Subscription - A guide to purchasing a National Geographic subscription - National Geographic Magazine subscription, National Geographic subscription for kids

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National Geographic has been around for more than 100 years, and having a National Geographic subscription is a great way to stay in touch with all of the amazing things that are always happening in our world. Most people know National Geographic for its yellow-rimmed cover and spectacular images from around the world, and today the magazine has expanded to cover four different versions of it.

National Geographic Magazine subscription

By far, the most popular edition of National Geographic is the standard edition. This version has been around for the longest, and it is what many people expect from the magazine. A one-year National Geographic subscription typically runs about $15 per year, with one issue per month. However, sometimes Amazon.com runs a promotion that will allow you to purchase a National Geographic subscription for $10 per year instead of $15. The promotion is certainly worth checking out if you are seriously considering purchasing a National Geographic subscription.

National Geographic subscription for kids

National Geographic now offers two different publications for children. The National Geographic Kids Magazine is aimed at children between the ages of six and 14, and it offers all the full color images you already expect from National Geographic placed in a context that children can understand and will actually want to read. National Geographic Kids is a great way to give your child a gift that she will actually want to learn from. National Geographic Kids typically costs $15 per year for 10 issues of the magazine. In some cases, the magazine also offers promotions that come with a free gift like a world ball for the kids.

The other kids’ version of the magazine is National Geographic Little Kids Magazine. This version of National Geographic is aimed at the preschooler and covers children between the ages of three and six. National Geographic Little Kids is a little smaller in size than the other two magazines, but it is packed with games and stories that are perfect for younger children. A National Geographic Little Kids subscription typically costs about $15 for six issues.

National Geographic subscription for travelers

People who enjoy taking trips to exotic locations will definitely want to look into a subscription to National Geographic Traveler Magazine. This edition of National Geographic is aimed at helping people plan their next vacation. A subscription to National Geographic Traveler is priced at $10 for eight issues, and the magazine generally comes with world maps that are perfect for those who are planning their next trip. The nice thing about National Geographic Traveler is that it lends itself to those who are traveling to anywhere in the world. You do not have to be traveling to one of the relatively unknown destinations that the standard National Geographic magazine typically covers. There is plenty of information about all countries of the world, so a traveler who is going anywhere can feel informed and prepared.

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