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Everett Homes For Sale - About Buying Homes for Sale in Everett, Washington - About the City of Everett, Neighborhoods in Everett, Everett Homes for Sale

marina port island lake

Everett is a naval and port city located in western Washington state. It has the largest public marina on the west coast, and is home to Naval Station Everett and the bustling Port of Everett, a center of international trade and commerce. The city is surrounded by Port Gardner Bay and the winding Snohomish River, and is also close to Hat Island, Mill Creek, Marysville and Lake Stevens. Everett has pleasant weather year-round, with mild summers, averaging only 73 degrees Fahrenheit in July and 74 in August, the hottest month. Winters are not bad, either, with an average low of 34 degrees in the coldest months of December and January. Everett has a small-town atmosphere, with a historic district, yacht club, farmer’s market, and marina promenade. Individuals and families can enjoy the area’s many lush parks, like Nishiyama Garden, a traditional Japanese garden on the grounds of Everett Business College, and Jetty Island, with warm water and long stretches of sandy beach. Everett is also home to several colleges, including Western Washington University, City University, Trinity Lutheran and Ashmead College, as well as the Everett Art Center. People wanting a quiet place to retire or to raise their families may find the city of Everett a good choice in which to buy a home.

Neighborhoods in Everett

When thinking about buying a house in Everett, you should first become familiar with the neighborhoods. Unlike many cities and towns, Everett has an official city Office of Neighborhoods, which communicates with 19 neighborhood associations. Knowing which neighborhood you are most interested in first will greatly facilitate your search for homes for sale in that area. Westmont is in the southwestern part of Everett, and consists mostly of multi-family housing. View Ridge-Madison, South Forest Park, Riverside, Port GardnerLowell, Harborview-Seahurst-Glenhaven and Glacier View are all located around downtown. Holly, though it has residences, is also filled with with industrial and commercial businesses. Silver Lake is, of course, close to Silver Lake, in the southeastern outskirts of Everett. Bayside is close to the waterfront, and Boulevard Bluffs is the residential area closest to Mukilteo. Glacier View is an older part of town, and Eastmont looks over a valley.

Everett Homes for Sale

Some new homes for sale in Everett can be quite expensive. In July 2010, one four-bedroom, four bath home on the waterfront cost more than half a million dollars. However, other homes are more affordable, especially if you are open to condominiums and manufactured homes, which can sell for as little as $30,000. Another affordable way to afford a home in Everett is to buy a lot and build upon it. This may take longer, but in the end you will have the exact home you need, and you can take your time planning and paying for it. Lots on a private island, with a community marina, beaches, weekend passenger ferry service, and marina docks have gone for less than $30,000.

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