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Keller School Of Management - About Keller School of Management - Areas of study at the Keller School of Management, Keller locations

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The Keller School of Management offers graduate programs in six different areas. Students at Keller can earn their Master of Business Administration, or MBA, a specialized Master’s degree, or a graduate certificate.

Areas of study at the Keller School of Management

The six areas of study available at Keller are business administration, accounting and finance, human resources, project management, public administration, and technology management. All three degree options are also available in all six areas of study, so the possibilities for a business degree through Keller are endless.

Keller locations

Keller has 85 locations throughout the United States, with locations in 25 different states. The school even offers online classes through its distance learning program, so anyone can attend Keller, regardless of where they live.

Admission requirements

Keller does offer a streamlined admission process that makes it easy for anyone to apply, no matter what time of year it is. It all starts by filling out an application and sending it to the location the student wants to attend. The student must also show proof of education and degrees already earned.

The next step in the application process is an interview with a representative from the school. Students who are choosing to attend online classes because they are not located near a Keller location will be able to do a phone interview, although those who do live near one of the school’s locations will have to interview in person.

Some students will have to complete placement testing before they begin attending Keller. However, any student whose undergraduate GPA was at least 2.70 out of a 4.0 scale and who got at least a B in college algebra and English composition can avoid testing altogether. Students whose grades were not high enough can provide the school with GMAT or GRE test scores or take Keller’s admission test. Students will also have to provide official transcripts from the college they earned their bachelor’s degree from.

Student Reviews

Of course not all graduate schools are created equal, and the students are the ones who know best how prepared they were for their chosen field after attending Keller. Students Review gave the school an overall grade of B+,stating Keller was lacking in extracurricular activities and social life. However, the majority of students who attended Keller ranked the quality of their education from Keller to be quite high.

One aspect of the Keller School of Management that many students mention is whether or not the school feels like a diploma mill. Most students who wrote reviews about the school discredit this claim. Yes, the school does make it possible for almost anyone to get a degree, but the students do not feel that the school does so at the expense of a quality education.

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