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Tankless Water Heater Gas - Advantages of a Tankless Gas Water Heater - Types of Water Heaters, Tankless Gas Water Heater Benefits

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While many homeowners do not even consider the issue, the type of water heater in a home is an important financial decision. Green homes are becoming more important every year, and the federal and state governments are making it worth your while with tax incentives.

Types of Water Heaters

Most homeowners are acutely familiar with the old storage water heater. This was once the standard. They consist of a 25 – 100 gallon tank that automatically fills with water, heats it through electric heating elements or natural-gas fueled flames. When the hot water faucet tap is turned on, water is drawn out of the tank, and the tank fills with fresh water to be heated. There are two main disadvantages of storage tank water heaters: they are inefficient and they can run out of hot water during heavy or even normal use.

The type of water heater now being recommended by contractors specializing in new residential homes is the tankless water heater. There are two types of tankless water heater: gas and electric. In many areas of the United States with standard natural gas lines, a gas water heater is less expensive than electric.

Tankless water heaters, also known as on-demand water heaters, create hot water without it having to be first stored in a tank. These water heaters allow a family to generate hot water only as it is needed, making storage unnecessary. A high-energy heating element is used to heat water quickly enough to reach any part of the home. Since no energy is expended to keep a tank of standby hot water, less overall energy is consumed. Energy savings average at 10 to 15% over tank heaters. The only limiting factor of a tankless gas water heater is its flow rate. Before installing a demand water heater, it is necessary to gauge the home’s maximum flow rate to install a properly-sized unit.

Tankless Gas Water Heater Benefits

Benefits of tankless gas water heaters are very similar to those run by electricity. Total cost and energy savings of gas over electric models varies by region. Price and availability are important factors. Benefits of a tankless water heater with gas are as follows:

• Tankless water heaters have a smaller floor footprint than storage water heaters. Tankless water heaters are usually mounted off the floor, flush with a wall.

• The compact size of on-demand water heaters reduces standby energy loss to nil.

• Since hot water is provided on demand, there is no limit to the amount of hot water that can be provided as long as the water heater is within its flow limit.

• Gas tankless water heaters have a life expectancy of 20 years compared to the 10 to 15 years for which tank water heaters are rated.

• Range of sizes – tankless water heaters can be used as a main source of hot water or can be used as an auxiliary source for faucets too far away from the main source. This makes it possible to install several small on-demand heaters near to the faucets instead of one main heater. Small units that fit under a standard sink start at only $200, while larger units can go for upwards of $1600.

• Gas water heaters cost less than electric in most cases.

• Over the course of 15 years, a tankless gas water heater pays for itself in savings over tank water heaters.

• Many energy-efficient tankless water heaters are eligible for rebates or tax incentives of up to 30% the total price of the heater.

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