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Alexandria Car Rental - Alexandria Car Rental Overview - Booking a Car Rental

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With its annual Mardi Gras parade, rich civil war history, and international airport, Alexandria is a hub for many of Louisiana’s guests. Travelers in search of rental cars in this area have their selection of five large car rental companies.

The information compiled below is based on a one month advance reservation at each car rental company. It is presented from the viewpoint of a budgeting traveler and does not take into account the popularity or features of individual car options.

Company Economy Compact Intermediate/Mid-Size Standard Full Size Premium Mini-Van Passenger Van Pick-Up Truck Large Pick-Up Truck Cargo Van SUV Customer Satisfaction*
W &W Inc. (Avis) NA $44.00 $46.00 $48.80 $49.80 $68.00 ”Sold Out” ”Sold Out” NA NA NA NA 3/5
Enterprise $36.09 $36.09 $38.94 $41.79 $45.59 $56.99 $81.69 NA $66.49 $66.49 $94.99 NA 3/5
Budget NA $47.00 $52.00 NA $57.00 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA 2/5
Hertz $47.49 $48.49 $50.49 $53.49 $53.49 NA NA NA NA NA NA $86.49 3/5
National $41.98 $43.00 $47.98 $53.00 $53.00 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA 3/5

Sold Out: The Avis website claims that W & W Inc. offers mini-vans and passenger vans, but that their rentals are “sold-out.” However, the vans continue to be sold out in to 2011, which suggests that this is a simple filing mistake.

Customer Satisfaction: Car rental companies do not get five-star ratings. The only ones that do are tiny companies that have either written their own reviews or hired freelancers to write them on their behalf.
Put simply, it is difficult to satisfy customers in a large car rental company. Finding the right combination of vehicles, maintenance staff, and bookkeepers is very difficult, and at present no major, reputable company manages more than three stars.

W & W (Avis) W & W Inc Car Rental is a part of the Avis car rental franchise.

Overall: With few options, expensive rentals, and a lower-than-average customer satisfaction rate, Budget Rental Cars should be avoided. With the lowest prices and widest variety of vehicles, Enterprise serves as the best company for Alexandria car rental. The other three services—Hertz , National, and W & W (Avis)—cost more because they maintain offices at or near the AEX international airport, where they bring in the majority of their business through unprepared travelers and combo travel packages.

Booking a Car Rental

Unless receiving a discount elsewhere, travelers will save the most money by renting directly from the company involved. Aggregate sites like rentalcars.com should also be avoided, as they charge a few dollars extra.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car
1855 Sterkx Road, Alexandria, LA‎ – (318) 487-0553‎
1607 MacArthur Drive, Alexandria, LA‎ – (318) 445-0099‎
Budget Rent-a-Car
501 MacArthur Drive, Alexandria, LA‎ – (318) 442-5113‎
1100 Frank Andrews Boulevard, Alexandria, LA‎ -(318) 449-9237‎
National Car Rental
1100 Frank Andrews Blvd, Suite 9, Alexandria, LA‎ – (318) 448-1122‎
1303 Billy Mitchell Boulevard, Alexandria, LA‎ -(318) 448-1122‎
W & W Inc Car Rental (Avis)
501 MacArthur Drive, Alexandria, LA‎ – (318) 448-3240
2716 North MacArthur Drive, Alexandria, LA‎ -(318) 448-3240
Hertz Rent A Car
1100 Frank Andrews Boulevard, Alexandria, LA‎ – (318) 443-9699‎
2531 Airbase Road, Alexandria, LA‎ – (318) 443-923

* Consumer reviews cited from www.epinions.com.

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