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Napa Auto Part - All About NAPA - NAPA Auto Parts Stores, NAPA Repair Shops

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NAPA, the National Automotive Parts Association, was started in 1925 as a way to effectively distribute auto parts across the United States. The association is not a manufacturer itself but a retailers’ cooperative, sending its products to both companies large and small, as well as independent stores. The biggest NAPA member is Genuine Parts, a Fortune 1000 company based in Atlanta. The only other member of NAPA as of 2010 is Quaker City Motor Parts, from Pennsylvania. Despite having only two members, NAPA has grown from being purely a distributor to offering a large number of services to automobile owners. from retail shops to repairs.

NAPA Auto Parts Stores

NAPA is probably best known for its many auto parts stores. It seems like there is a NAPA store on every corner in some areas, and this may be literally true. There are more than 6,000 NAPA auto parts stores in the United States, with even more located internationally. NAPA also has 69 distribution centers for the US, which handles over 375,000 different kinds of auto parts and accessories, the largest and most extensive inventory in the auto parts industry.

Stores are formed by building new ones in open markets or by existing stores deciding to become part of the NAPA network. There are no franchise fees involved in owning a NAPA store, but owners do have to participate in NAPA’s National Advertising Program. Not all stores which want to become NAPA stores can do so. Existing stores which want to become NAPA auto parts stores have to meet certain standards, including adequate parking, vinyl tile flooring, being between 5,000 and 7,000 square feet, and having a partial glass storefront.

NAPA Repair Shops

In addition to selling auto parts, NAPA also has a number of car care centers, collision centers and truck servicing centers. The services at the car care centers can vary, with some specializing in just a few areas of repair and other doing full mechanical repairs and towing. NAPA centers must also meet certain standards. All technicians and mechanics must be ASE certified. NAPA also has its own code of ethics, which emphasizes reasonable care for the customer’s property, quality customer service and a fair and equitable method for handing customer complaints if they occur. NAPA offers additional business training to its repair shop associates, and is partnered with the Automotive Training Institute to help repair shop owners grow their businesses and reduce the stress of management.

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I would like to report a service complaint regarding a service repair shop with a NAPA Car Care Center in Phoenix, AZ. The shop didn't meet the standards set by NAPA. Please forward contact information of who I would contact for this matter?

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