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Illinois Board Of Education - All About the Illinois State Board of Education

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The Illinois State Board of Education consists of nine members appointed by the governor of the state, with the consent of the senate. It is responsible for administering public education in the state of Illinois. Each member serves a four year term, limited to two consecutive terms. The Board sets educational policy guidelines for public schools, private schools, preschool through grade 12, as well as vocational education.

The Illinois State Board of Education analyzes the goals and needs of educations and recommends legislation to the Illinois general assembly and governor for more than 2 million children in the state. Public schools must turn in a Report card, as a measurement of the schools performance and an index of how it is measured against statewide and local standards. Some tests that are given are the ISAT, the PSAE, and the IIA.

When a student successfully completes all of a program and coursework requirements, the institution notifies the Illinois State Board of Education. The Boards aims to provide leadership, assistance, resources and advocacy to prepare every student for postsecondary education. It also aims to ensure that every student will be supported by prepared and effective teachers and school leaders and that every school will offer a safe and healthy learning environment for all students.

Educator and School Development ensures educators and schools comply with all Illinois laws, rules and regulations of relevancy. This division grants recognition to nonpublic and charter schools, coordinates public schoool compliance with regional offices of education, and grants certificates of approval to private business and vocational schools. It ensures educator compliance with the No Child Left Behind Act, and it oversees the approval and monitoring of university professional preparation programs for educator certificates.

To prepare effective teachers in the State of Illinois, the board has provided for Educator Certification. It coordinates candidate testing for state certification. Teacher, school service personnel and school administrator certification, as well as paraprofessional letters of approval, are processed.

The Illinois State Board of Education provides services and information for current or prospective educators, districts and regional offices of education, and colleges and universities. A prospective teacher, administrator or school service personnel can find out how to become certified in the state of Illinois. If already certified, additional information regarding recertification, professional development, endorsements and testing is available. If a new high school graduate, out-of-state educator, foreign applicant, substitute teacher or paraprofessional, checklists and information are given by the board’s divisions as well as the certification itself.

Information is available for parents and students as to advanced placement for students, bilingual education, Charter Schools, health, drug prevention, General Assembly Legislative Scholarships, graduation requirements, home schooling, the education of the homeless, occupational education, and many other informational and provisional aspects.

The Illinois Board of Education gives out press releases regularly as to its current announcements and legislations.

The Illinois State Board of Education website provides forms for Certification, Employment Application, and many other forms necessary for the administration of schools.

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