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Phoenix On Line - All About the University of Phoenix On Line - The benefits of an online degree, University of Phoenix On Line Programs

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There are many different choices when it comes to online schools, but one of the schools that has gained the most recognition is the University of Phoenix On Line. This school offers everything from certificates, to two-year associate’s degrees, four-year bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees. The university says more than 400,000 students have earned online degrees there, so that does say that the school is doing something right.

The benefits of an online degree

One of the questions many students ask when they are trying to figure out if an online school — like the University of Phoenix On Line — is for them is why they would want to get their degree online. The largest benefit of earning a degree online is the flexibility of the schedule. Students can complete their coursework entirely at their own pace, which means they can make their class time be late at night if they need it to be. Flexibility in class schedules means students can hold down a full time job while they complete their degree.

University of Phoenix On Line Programs

The programs at the University of Phoenix are as varied as the school itself, with plenty of options in a wide variety of schools. The University of Phoenix specializes in education, nursing, and all aspects of business and technology. The school also offers majors in environmental science, the humanities, criminal justice, social sciences, and the arts.

Tuition at the University of Phoenix On Line

The University of Phoenix On Line does cost a bit more than other online schools, with the cost per credit hour ranging from $400 to $500. The price per credit hour depends entirely on what major the student is taking and what level of study the credit hour is in. Master’s degree classes cost more than bachelor’s degree classes, and career certificates are cheaper than both of them. However, this price is still a lot higher than traditional community colleges, and it is quite a bit higher than most public universities. However, usually students choose the University of Phoenix On Line because they want the quality of these traditional public universities in the form of online classes.

Just like other colleges, the University of Phoenix On Line does offer scholarship programs for some students, and it accepts funding from all the usual college funding sources, like federal financial aid or private loans.

Student reviews of the University of Phoenix On Line

As with many online schools, there are plenty of student reviews of the University of Phoenix online, and with all colleges, the reviews range from the very best to the very worst. The moral of the story with the University of Phoenix is that it is perfect for some students, but a bad idea for others, so just review all school options to make sure this school is the best one for you. After all, many students have certainly found success attending the University of Phoenix On Line.

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