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Discover Cash Back - All about Discover cash back rewards - The $50 cash back bonus, The 5 percent cash back bonus

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Credit card companies continue to compete for customers with attractive reward programs that fit just about anyone, and the Discover cash back reward program is just one way to try to draw in customers. Discover card has always had an uphill battle because more retailers around the world accept only Visa and Mastercard. Traditionally, Discover card has been known for its cash back bonus reward, even as many other credit cards were offering frequent flyer miles. There are several different elements to the Discover cash back reward program.

The $50 cash back bonus

Just recently, Discover card started offering a new bonus to try to draw in even more customers. This latest bonus is a $50 cash back bonus that is offered after the first $599 in purchases on the Discover card.

The 5 percent cash back bonus

Another element of the Discover cash back bonus reward is the 5 percent bonus. This reward only applies to purchases in certain categories, and those categories are always changing. Discover card notifies customers about what the 5 percent cash back bonus rewards are for that month via an email or an insert in their monthly bill. Possible categories include travel, home improvement, department stores, restaurants, groceries, and more. Customers do have to sign up for each program in order to get the 5 percent cash back bonus reward. Basically the reward just means that they get 5 percent of how much they purchased in the current category on the Discover card back as cash.

The 1 percent cash back bonus

Discover card doesn’t just offer the 5 percent bonus on certain categories. It also offers 1 percent cash back on all purchases that are made on the Discover card. Basically customers will get 1 percent of all the purchases they made back as cash.

Cash back through ShopDiscover

Another way to earn cash back bonus rewards from Discover is by spending money on ShopDiscover. ShopDiscover is a site that lists all of Discover card’s online partner sites, and the rewards offered from these purchases can be as high as 20 percent, depending on what you purchase and which retailer you purchase it from.

How the cash back bonus works

As you earn cash back from all of your purchases made on the Discover card, it is very important to spend the bonuses. The cash can be spent by logging onto the website or by calling customer service. Customers can choose to have the money electronically deposited into their bank account or have it applied to their Discover card account. They also can decide to donate the money directly to a charity. Another option is to purchase gift cards from one of Discover card’s partners or to get a Discover card gift card. The benefit of buying a gift card as opposed to getting cash back is that you can often get a bonus (for example, you could use $25 of your cash back rewards and get a $50 gift card).

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about 7 years ago

Thanks for the information. I am a regular online frugal shopper and mostly use cash back portals like Bing, ShopAtHome, AAfter Search and Ebates.