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Huntington Online Banking - All about Huntington online banking - Online banking from Huntington National, Online banking from Huntington State Bank

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Huntington online banking is a great service that is offered by both Huntington State Bank, which is located in Texas, and Huntington National Bank, which is spread throughout the Midwest. Both banks offer online banking services although Huntington National Bank is quite a bit larger than Huntington State Bank. This major difference in size does also make a huge difference in the amount of services that are offered by each bank, although customers do not see much difference in the quality of those services. Of course the best way to choose Huntington online banking is by looking for the bank that is closest to you. Sometimes online banking is only as good as the branches that are nearby because sometimes you will just need to go to the bank and cash a check or fill out some papers. Either way, Huntington online banking is very simple and pretty standard when it comes to banking services.

Here is a quick rundown of Huntington online banking services from both banks.

Online banking from Huntington National

Huntington National bank offers free online banking, free bill pay, free online statements, and free mobile banking. The bank allows customers to easily print images of all deposit slips and checks that have cleared. Online banking services from Huntington National Bank also allow customers to easily transfer money between Huntington bank accounts and even schedule transfers for up to a year in advance. Huntington National online banking also allows customers to download their banking information and transactions into software like Quicken, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Money. With Huntington online banking through Huntington National, customers are also assured that the bank will replace funds for any payments they did not authorize and make sure that all payments are sent out on time. It is part of the Huntington National online banking guarantee.

Another good thing about online banking with Huntington is the online savings account. The savings accounts from Huntington National are among the top ten online banking accounts, offering high returns that are FDIC insured. There is no minimum amount of money required to open a savings account with Huntington National Bank.

Online banking from Huntington State Bank

Huntington State Bank is a bunch smaller bank than Huntington National, and Huntington online banking with this bank is a lot less automated because of the bank’s smaller size. However, customers do say that they enjoy the personal service offered by a bank that is as small as Huntington State Bank. Online banking through this bank requires various forms to be filled out and taken to the bank. The system allows customers to view statements and transfer money between any of their accounts at Huntington State Bank. The bank also offers free online bill pay. Huntington State bank offers all types of accounts, from checking and savings, to CDs, IRA, and safe deposit boxes.

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9 months ago

Huntington Online Banking offers unparalleled flexibility of anywhere banking 24/7. http://bbcpak.com/2017/01/huntington-online-banking-login/

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about 6 years ago

Dear Sir/Lady,

My name is Philip Fourie. I live in Namibia. I have recieved a email from your Customer Service Centre...

Mr. Kenny Mark , wrote back to me, after a contacted your bank, about the Microsoft E Lottery contacted me. Transfer acount MSW231282

I would like to know if this info is correct, or if it is a fraud from a outside party.

Best Regards

Philip P, Fourie

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over 6 years ago

This is a tip-off using the name of the bank, and the work of fraud, and the use of a website for the Bank

In the server particular