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New Balance Trail Running Shoes - All about New Balance Trail Running Shoes

runners features rock abzorb

Most runners love the great outdoors, and there are plenty of New Balance trail running shoes to make any adventure great. New Balance trail running shoes are designed with a very specific type of runner in mind. Usually trail runners are those who prefer to run off road or hit the trails instead of running on a paved road or path. New Balance trail shoes have a number of features that make them different than other kinds of running shoes.

Rock Stop technology in New Balance trail running shoes will protect the runner’s feet.

One thing that sets New Balance trail shoes apart from many other brands is the Rock Stop technology. Rock Stop is a special kind of cushioning that is embedded into the front part of the foot, and it protects the toes and the front part of the foot from sharp rocks and debris. Rock Stop is a puncture-resistant material that is perfect for runners who do not know what kind of surface they will encounter.

New Balance trail running shoes have ABZORB cushioning.

ABZORB cushioning is another important feature of trail running shoes from New Balance. Many of their trail running shoes have ABZORB in both the front and back of the shoe, which maximizes the shoe’s shock absorption ability. ABZORB makes every step a softer landing, which is important for all runners, but it is even more important for runners who are running on jagged or uneven terrain.

Lightweight trail running shoes are available.

New Balance also offers some very lightweight options in trail running shoes. Shoes that have ACTEVA midsole cushions are 12 percent lighter than the standard foam that is used in many other running shoes. ACTEVA foam also tends to resist compression more than other types of foam, making for a much softer running experience, even on some of the most difficult terrain.

New Balance trail running shoes have better treads.

Another thing all trail runners should look at when they are considering a pair of running shoes is the tread. All trail running shoes have a tread that is meant to grip the trail, even on very slippery paths, but some trail running shoes have an even tougher tread, so they are perfect for runners who really enjoy the tough terrains. Many of these shoes also have water-resistant mesh, which will also keep the runner’s feet dry on slick or muddy paths.

The price of New Balance trail shoes

The price of a good pair of New Balance trail running shoes can vary widely depending on which features they include. Men’s New Balance trail shoes typically range from $50 to $100, while women’s trail running shoes usually cost between $60 and $130. Both the men’s and women’s shoes use the same features, and each shoe may offer a different combination of those features. The best trail shoe depends entirely on what kind of trails the runner likes the best.

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