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Wesley Allen Beds - All about Wesley Allen beds - Exquisite finishes, Unibody design, Types of beds, Available styles

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Anyone who is looking for a quality iron bed should consider investing in one of the many varieties of Wesley Allen beds. Wesley Allen has been making iron beds for more than 25 years, and the craftsmanship is some of the best that can be found. Every single Wesley Allen bed is completely handmade, from the pouring of the iron, to the detail work on the castings. There are more than 100 different styles to choose from, which means finding the perfect iron bed from Wesley Allen a simple matter of taste.

Exquisite finishes

One of the very fine details about Wesley Allen beds is the finish, which is hand-detailed just like the rest of the bed. Wesley Allen has a wide variety of finishes available, from white and pewter, to two-tone finishes like brass and silver, copper and black, or any other classic combination of finishes you can think of. Wesley Allen will even create custom finishes for the customer who wants to think completely outside of the box.

The finish used on all beds by Wesley Allen is the company’s exclusive PowerBond finish, which the company boasts is the most durable finish on any bed that is on the market today. The paint for each order is prepared specifically for that order and then baked on in a unique process that can’t be found in any other brand of iron beds.

Unibody design

Another feature of Wesley Allen beds is the fact that they are all made in one large piece of iron. The unibody construction involves pouring the metal directly over the welded iron and creating a body for a bed that is completely in one piece.

Also on many of its beds, Wesley Allen uses patented Millennium frames, which are considered to be the strongest in the industry. The frames are made from high gauge steel, and they have extra reinforcement in all the usual stress points to ensure that the frame never breaks.

Types of beds

Wesley Allen makes beds of all different sizes, from twin, all the way through California King. The company also makes daybeds and stand-alone headboards for customers who just want that special headboard instead of paying the full premium price for the entire bed. Wesley Allen also makes canopy beds for those who really want to experience full luxury of an iron bed.

Available styles

With more than 100 different styles available to choose from, there are plenty of styles for anyone. Wesley Allen classifies its styles according to four different categories. Traditional beds display a classic elegance that will never go out of style. Modern beds generally have very clean lines, while exotic beds generally have very unusual styling that caters to very unique taste. The fourth category is shabby chic, and the beds in this category tend to be very simple with clean lines, much like a simpler version of the beds in the modern category.

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