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Student Airline Tickets - Are cheap student tickets available?

Where to find discounted student plane tickets

travel discounted students contiki

Because students tend to have more flexibility in their travel schedules, airline companies often give discounts through travel services to students. It is not always the case but, as a student, you can find better airfare prices because of student discounts (please note – your status as a student will be verified). One such service is StudentUniverse, a company that partners with airlines to give students the best prices available. Student plane tickets are available either through a negotiated effort on the part of StudentUniverse or by using the promo code (coupon codes). You will need to compare which resource gives the most discounted student airline tickets. You can register with StudentUniverse at their website. Once they have confirmed that you are a student, you can start to receive the benefits of cheap student tickets.

An interesting opportunity for some is Contiki Vacations for 18 – 35 year olds. Founded by John Anderson, a student traveler, Contiki puts together group vacation packages for young adults at discounted rates. The benefits are obviously the savings but also the safety of traveling in a group and not alone. Lifelong friendships are made and trips of a lifetime established through this service. Be aware that some of the priced vacations do not include the student plane tickets. Read the fine print to understand what the discounted price includes. You may contact Contiki at 1-866-CONTIKI (1-866-266-8454).

SmarterTravel.com does not partner with airlines or travel agencies but diligently searches out the deals to help student’s get the cheapest airfare possible. They do not work solely with students but offer their services to everyone; however, you will need to prove your status as a student if you want the special discounts. You can not only find cheap student plane tickets but discounted spring break packages, senior trip deals, or study abroad discounted travel. It is a great source for travel advise and tips on saving money with hotels, car rentals, taxis, restaurants, etc.

At CheapoAir.com you can find student discounted coupons on student airline tickets for vacations as well as cheap student tickets to study abroad or work abroad. Some airfares may require advanced purchases of 21 days and verification of your status as a student is required. Rates are seasonal and your savings will be predominantly during the months of June, July, and August. You can book online or call toll free 24/7 at 1-866-592-9685.

Some general pointers while searching for the best airfare: 1) Be flexible on your travel dates. Flying during the week, particularly Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will usually land cheaper fares. 2) Be open to very early flights or late in the evening flights. Convenience is nice but it doesn’t pay in savings. 3) Understand that the cheap student tickets are not necessarily nonstop. This may require sitting in a few airports, but that’s a good reason to catch up on the book you’ve been wanting to finish.

Remember that traveling is a process. The more money you save on the actually travel, the more you will have to spend during your travels.

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