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Axion Portable Dvd Player - Axion Portable DVD Players for Every Budget - $0.00 – $99.00 Range

Finding Top Quality Portable DVD Players

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Any parent that has gone on an extended trip in the car knows that importance of the Axion Portable DVD Player. Portable DVD players come in every cost and size. Additionally, they sole purpose is not to just play movies. Many of the models available today will also play CDs, slideshows of images and even attach to your favorite video game.

Axion has become highly rated for its portable DVDs because of the affordably priced products offered. Axion opened in 1983 with the hope of bringing high quality and economical electronics to North America. In the 1990s, Axion played an important part in the creation of LCD technology. They have since used this technology in the creation of the best portable DVD players and electronics available today.

$0.00 – $99.00 Range

The AXN6070A will give you a 7-inch wide screen monitor to play your DVDs, MP3s and CDs. The flip up monitor also rotates 360 degrees allowing you to view movies from any angle. The compact design of this model makes it a perfect choice for traveling. It also comes standard with a credit card sized remote control. You can find this model at department stores and online retailers like Amazon for $80.00.

$100.00 – $199.00 Range

The best choice for families with multiple children is the AXN6079. With this model, you have the convenience of two 7-Inch monitors that attach to the back of your driver seats. This model also has the ability to play DVDs, CDs and MP3s. This model also comes with the standard credit card remote control, connections for television and video game consoles. This is also an affordable option at just $140.00.

For $150.00, you can get the AXN6090A. This portable DVD player includes a 9-inch wide screen format monitor with 360-degree rotation. Travelers like this model due to the DC 9V power source and rechargeable batteries, which come standard with this model. You can also attach this model to video gaming systems and televisions.

When you are looking for a portable DVD player for your next trip, Axion has a model for you. Axion stays on top of the market and continues to offer new models. If you cannot find the perfect model today, do not worry, they will have exactly what you are looking for soon.

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