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Va Gi Bill - Benefits Available through the Post-9/11 VA GI Bill - Education benefits from The Post-9/11 VA GI Bill

school service covers housing

The VA GI bill basically covers all aspects of a veteran’s education after he serves time in the military. The VA GI bill covers several different education programs. The main version of the VA GI bill is the post-9/11 GI bill. It can be traced back to 1944, when President Franklin Roosevelt signed the original VA GI Bill into law, but it covers almost all service members who want to attend college today.

The Post-9/11 GI bill covers education benefits for anyone who has given at least 90 days of military service after September 11, 2001. Any service member who was in the military prior to this date is covered under earlier versions of the VA GI bill. The VA GI bill also applies to people who were discharged from the military due to a medical disability, as long as they served at least 30 days. It only applies to former service members who received an honorable discharge from the military.

Education benefits from The Post-9/11 VA GI Bill

The education benefits from the Post-9/11 VA GI Bill can be used to pay tuition at any higher learning institution (any school where college degrees are offered). Technical schools, vocational flight schools, correspondence schools, and training on-the job are not included in the bill. It can be used to earn either an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree. The amount of money a service member can receive under the VA GI bill depends on the highest tuition that is charged by a public school in the state where the school she wants to attend is actually located. Basically, if X school charges $10,000 per semester, but the service member wants to attend Y school, which only charges $9,000 per semester, the amount of the benefit is actually based on the tuition charged by X school as long as that school is in the same state as Y school and is a public school. The official site for the VA GI bill has a charge which shows the maximum in-state tuition rates allowed for each state. If the former service member wishes to attend a school where the tuition is higher than the allowable amount for her state, then the Yellow Ribbon Program may cover the difference between what the VA GI bill covers and what the school is charging.

Housing benefits

Another factor in how much money a former service member is entitled to under the VA GI bill also depends on where he lives, his pay grade, and whether or not he has dependents. This part of the benefits falls under the housing allowance program, which is also part of the VA GI bill. The DOD website has a calculator which covers the basic housing allowance that is covered under the VA GI bill. The basic housing allowance for service members who are attending a school that is not based in the United States is a set amount. It was set at about $1300 for the 2009-2010 school year, but it can go up slightly on a yearly basis. Students who attend online classes are not eligible for the housing benefit of the VA GI bill.

Applying for Benefits under the VA GI bill

Former service members can apply for their benefits online by clicking here.

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