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Bagless Canister Vacuums - Benefits of Canister Vacuums

Choosing the Right Vacuum for Your Home

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Anyone who has used a vacuum knows the mess associated with changing out the bag. Bagless canister vacuums give you the power of a vacuum without the mess. Today, bagless vacuums are gaining in popularity because of the number of advantages to their use. When deciding on which vacuum to purchase, you need to know what a bagless vacuum offers before you make a choice.

Bagless vacuums use a plastic container to capture the dust and debris. Bags arte porous and allow dust and mites to go through them when you are vacuuming. With a bagless vacuum, you simply remove the canister when it is full and empty it into the trash. You can even take it outside and alleviate any chances of releasing dust into your home.

The biggest benefit of buying a bagless vacuum is you will not have to replace the bags. Vacuum cleaner bags can be expensive. They also fill up fast. When you use a canister vacuum, you will not have to continue buying parts so you can clean your home. You will also be able to see exactly what you are picking up. When using the vacuum, everything that is being picked up goes into the clear plastic canister. If you mistakenly vacuum something up, you will be able to see it and easily retrieve it.

Another advantage of using this system is that it reduces allergens in the air. When you vacuum, there is no chance for any dust to release into the air. Typical vacuums produce a cloud of dust that causes those suffering from allergies to have a reaction. Most models also include the same filters used on air purifiers to ensure no allergens are released.

The top bagless vacuums on the market today are the Hoover Wind Tunnel Bagless and the Miele Polaris. You can get the Hoover Wind Tunnel for $220. This model will give you the convenience of a bagless vacuum at the best price. This vacuum is good on carpets and wooden floors. The Miele Polaris will cost around $400. This vacuum is lightweight and will pick up better than the Hoover model.

When you use a bagless canister vacuum, you will get better performance and less mess. You will also see a decrease in dust born allergies. The vacuum you use should clean your house, not create a bigger mess for you to clean after you vacuum.

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