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Fax Service Online - Benefits of Using Fax Service Online - Why Use Online Fax Service?

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Fax service once revolutionized the business world by allowing the transmission of documents almost instantaneously through regular phone lines. Advances in computer technology was supposed to replace the need for fax service, but many companies and organizations cannot get past having that sheet of paper in their hands instead of a computer file. Because of this, computers have not replaced the fax, but they have changed the way faxes are delivered and received.

Online fax service has now become the standard for many businesses. Online faxing works by sending documents in a digital format through the internet. The online fax service then routes the transmission from the internet to standard telephone lines so the document can reach the destination, which is a phone number. If documents are not yet in a digital format, they are simply put into a scanner and converted into a Microsoft Word document, Adobe PDF document, or a JPEG image. In many instances the scanning and sending can be completed with a single command. Other online fax services make it a two-step process: first scanning then sending.

Why Use Online Fax Service?

There are several benefits to using an online fax service over a traditional service. Both companies and individuals taking advantage of the service will experience most of them after sending an online fax only a few times. The rest of the benefits become apparent as early as the first month after beginning. The benefits of an online fax service are as follows:

Economical – Sending faxes online is a good way to improve a company’s bottom line. Money is saved right off the bat by not having to buy any additional hardware. Most businesses already have all the equipment that is needed: a computer, a scanner, and an internet connection. Another way money is saved is because the rates of online fax service are much lower than the long-distance rates charged by the telephone company.

Convenient – Online fax service is fast and convenient. The service can be used from any computer so you do not necessarily have to be at the office to send a fax. This is a perfect for companies that have travelling employees. With an online service, they no longer have to scour the neighborhood for a high-cost traditional fax service to get their important document to where they need to go.

Quality – Online fax service is known for being able to send detailed and high-quality documents and images. Traditional fax service can be of such low quality that many times the documents are completely unreadable.

Modernizaton – When you send an online fax, you show to yourself, your employees, and the fax recipient that you are on top of modern technology. This increases the professionalism of your company and prepares you for the next stage in the evolution of document transmission.

Green Compliant – Using an online fax service prevents the unnecessary wasting of paper. Instead of having to print out every fax, they can now be stored on the computer system.

Archiving – Archiving is much more efficient with online fax service. Instead of having to find space for filing cabinets and file boxes that quickly become filled with paper documents, all documents can be efficiently archived on hard drives, reducing the space needed by thousands of times. Computer archiving also makes document retrieval less time consuming.

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