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Best Notebook Computers - Best notebook computers reviews - Lenovo Ideapad Y460: Durable and Cutting Edge

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Computer manufacturers continuously try to manufacture the best notebook computers and outdo their competition. However, the best notebook computers are really determined by each user’s needs and intended uses for the notebook. Three popular notebook computers are:

Lenovo Ideapad Y460: Durable and Cutting Edge

Lenovo recently updated their notebook computers lineup, making available the Y460 to the consumers. The Y460 has several new features with faster graphic options due to an ATI Radeon 5650 incorporated into it. Lenovo Y460 is definitely in the run for best notebook computers with several new and exciting features crammed into it. The build quality of the notebook computer is impressive with durable screen hinges and strong plastic panels. The unique lid texture reaffirms Lenovo Y460 as one of the best notebook computers as it has been specially designed to hide fingerprints marks. The Lenovo Y460 is also open to upgradation as users will find three access panels at the bottom of the notebook, that leads access to the WiFi card, WWAN slot, hard drive, processor and heatsink. A cool feature is that the WiFi card can be accessed without the use of a screwdriver. There is a good selection of ports as Lenovo has made god use of the notebook perimeters to include the ports. The notebook system offers three USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port, Audio jacks and one eSATA/USB combo port. Other cool features that maintain Lenovo Y460 in the competition of best notebook computers are the SDHC card reader, Express Card/34 slot and a DVD burner. The intel core i5 processor couplet with the ATI Radeon 5650 makes theis one of the best notebook computers available for gaming. Furthermore, the system shows a good battery life too.

Acer A0721 and A0521: Affordable High-Definition Video

Recently Acer announced the A0721 and the A0521 that are definitely in the run for best notebook computers. These notebook computers are updated with AMD Athlon II neo processors, thereby delivering high definition graphics and video playbacks that definitely put the models in the race of best notebook computers. The Aspire One 0721 offers a full-sized keyboard, despite being less than one inch thick, thereby allowing the users a more comfortable typing experience and reaffirming its position among the nest notebook computers available in the market. The A0721 and A0521 are also available at affordable prices, with A 0721’s suggested retail price of $429.99 and A0521 priced at $349.99.

Dell Inspiron 14R, 15R and 17R: Reliable and Slick

The Dell Inspiron series deserves a position in the chart of the best notebook computers. Recently unveiled, the Dell models come with three flashy lid colors-black(gray), blue and red. The Dell Inspiron series offers a solid keyboard, and its unique design includes screen hinges has been pushed backwards to allow more space for ports.
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