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Big And Tall Jeans - Big and Tall Jeans for Men and Women - Jeans for the Big and Tall, Men’s Big and Tall Jeans

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If you don’t fit within a rather narrow fashion sense of what is normal, it can be hard to find clothes, both for men and for women. Tall and large people of both sexes may have the most difficult time finding comfortable jeans. Most styles of jeans celebrate the skinny and the small, making them too tight, too unflattering or too short for others to wear. However, there are several manufacturers who make and sell jeans in the United States meant for the big and tall person.

Men’s Big and Tall Jeans

Males have the easier time finding large-sized jeans, as there is less of stigma attached to being a big man. Casual Male XL has several kinds of tall and big jeans, in relaxed fit, loose fit, classic fit, comfort fit and designer styles. Levi’s 501 come in big and tall sizes, as do the Levi’s 505. Wrangler also makes jeans for the bigger man, such as the Angler carpenter jeans, with double pleats, deep side pockets and elasticized insets. Davis Big and Tall Men’s Store, which has been selling larger men’s clothes for more than 100 years, also has a large selection of big and tall men’s jeans. including the Cutter and Buck Big and Tall 5-Pocket jean, and Wrangler’s TwentyX relaxed fit, 100% cotton denim jeans. Dickies makes large-sized jeans as well, including industrial carpenter jeans, relaxed fit, regular fit pre-washed jeans and stonewashed jeans.

Women’s Big and Tall Jeans

Big and tall women generally have a harder time finding jeans in their sizes at the average clothing shop or big box store. There are some boutiques which specialize in large sizes for women, but they can be few and far between if you do not live in or close to a large city. However, there are many places for women to order big and tall jeans online. Just My Size has their own online store with a good selection of big and tall women’s jeans, including bootcuts, classics, stretch jeans, stretch jean leggings, and denim or twill leggings. JC Penney has a line of plus-sized relaxed, tapered, stretch, wide and flared and bootcut jeans online, most of them in sizes up to 24W. The best online resource for women’s big and tall jeans may be Avenue, which specializes in women’s fashions in sizes 14 through 32, and has a large selection of jeans you don’t often find anywhere else, in many colors. Avenue has slim-legged jeans, vintage, “rhinestone rocket”, patched, wide-legged, capri, dyed and cuffed, among others.

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