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Birmingham Homes For Sale - Birmingham, Alabama Houses for Sale

What is the Best Neighborhood for Your Dream Home in Birmingham

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Birmingham, Alabama offers something for everyone. It is a large city filled with southern charm. When considering moving there are neighborhoods offering laid back rural lifestyles, urban sophistication or big city living. Whether you are a college student looking to live the high life or a family looking to settle down, there are Birmingham homes for sale that suits your needs.

Families looking for a place to settle down will want to look in the Lake Purdy area. This area offers mid-sized houses with a median home price of $400,000. Lake Purdy has some of the best school districts in Birmingham making it the key location for families. This area also offers a laid-back lifestyle with large lots for children to play.

Other areas you will want to look at are the Watkins and Simsville area. Located adjacent to Lake Purdy, this area will also give you a rural atmosphere to raise children. These areas are predominantly families and seniors. The average home price in the Watkins and Simmsville area is $321,000.

Singles looking for a vibrant neighborhood should look in the Pine Bluff area. You will find an urban sophistication with the homes and people in the area. The majority of homes in this area include one and two bedroom homes, condominiums and apartments. Living in this area will place you close to the city and its vibrant nightlife. The median price for a home in this district is $295,000.

Seniors will find affordable homes in the Republic and Hillview areas. Homes in this area go for an average of $151,000. The quiet neighborhood setting is ideal for retirees. The people in this area are mostly seniors looking for a quiet place to settle after retirement.

Buying a home is a long-term investment. You want to make sure the neighborhood you choose is one that you will want to live in for the next 30 years. Make sure you choose a neighborhood that can grow with you. Choose wisely and you can have the house of your dreams where you can grow old.

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