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Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas - Blue Cross Blue Shield in Kansas - Community Service, Local Credit Union

A History of Service

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If you live in Kansas, chance are you’re familiar with some part of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas. Since their inception in 1941, they have been serving as a health care provider for almost the entire state. They have served an estimated 900,000 people, and many more through their community service efforts.

Community Service

Blue Cross Kansas is actively involved in dozens of local community wellness efforts, including blood drives, Meals on Wheels, March for Babies, United Way, and Shield Against Violent Environments. They have earned the American Heart Association’s Gold Start! Fit Friendly Company Award, the Business Excellence Award from the Kansas Department of Commerce, and even the Corporate Outstanding Landscaping Award from Keep America Beautiful. These programs provide a wealth of opportunities for volunteer community service, and seek to continually improve the local communities of Kansas.

Local Credit Union

Blue Cross Blue Shield even operates a local credit union, one that was started by an employee in the early 1950’s. This employee simply kept a metal lockbox at his desk, and people made deposits and asked for productive loans as needed. Their philosophy continues to be based on the same rules as when it was founded, emphasizing only loaning for “prudent and productive” purposes, and focusing on a person’s character as well as their ability to repay.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Web Sites

You can access all of BCBS’s online tools for the state of Kansas at
http://www.bcbsks.com/index.htm. They have resources for employees, employers, and health care providers.

For credit union services, see

As the largest insurer in the state, BCBS of Kansas employs hundreds of people to keep them going.
If you are interested in what positions they have open, check out http://www.bcbsks.com/AboutUs/Careers/index.htm

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