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Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal - Blue Cross Blue Shield's Federal Employee Benefits Programs - The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

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The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association is a major insurance provider in the United States. The association actually consists of 39 different health insurance companies and organizations which all work together to provide insurance. Blue Cross and Blue Shield were formerly two separate companies. The Blue Cross Association began in 1929, while Blue Shield was not formed until 1939. Founded in Waco, Texas, at Baylor University, Blue Cross originally covered only hospital services for teachers at the college. The program later expanded to other groups of employees in North Texas and then went national. Blue Shield originally only covered physician services, and was offered to employees in the mining and lumber industries of the northwest US, who paid monthly fees to have access to groups of physicians, although the first official Blue Shield Plan appeared in California. In 1982, the two merged, creating the BCBSA we have today. Blue Cross Blue Shield operates in all states, and has group, family and individual plans. BCBS also has a special Federal Employee Program, used by many states to provide insurance for federal workers.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program

The BCBS Federal Employee Program offers two general health insurance options, the Standard plan and the Basic plan. The Basic Option is less expensive overall, for both an individual and a family. The Standard Option, however, has lower office visit co-pays. In 2010, an office visit under the Basic plan was $25 at a primary care provider, while the Standard was $20, although both plans offer one chance to take advantage of a co-pay waiver. Inpatient and outpatient surgery is a $100 co-pay per surgeon on the Basic option, but $300 per calendar year with the Standard. A hospital admission is subject to $150 per day co-payment, up to $750 on the Basic plan; hospital stays on the Standard plan are $200 per admission.

Other Blue Cross Federal Employee Plans

BCBS also offers a pharmacy plan as part of its federal employee services. Retail pharmacy benefits are available to both Basic and Standard members, while mail order pharmacy services are available only to those on the Standard plan. To use the retail pharmacy benefits, members simply have to go to provider in the BCBS network and show their ID card. Standard members can also use providers not in the network, but will have to pay the full amount at time of purchase and then fill out a claim form for reimbursement. Blue Cross Blue Shield also offers dental and vision insurance, as well as service benefit plans to work with and supplement Medicare.

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over 6 years ago

Can you please advise me the 2010 BC/BS annual fees for single & Family Standard option (Non-Postal Premium Monthly?

Thank you, Jerry C. Oliver