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Broadband Phone Packages - Broadband Phone Packages in the US and UK - Broadband Phone Packages, Talk Talk Broadband Essentials Phone Package

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Broadband phone packages are particularly popular in the United Kingdom and Australia. Companies in the UK offer many ways to customize and purchase different bundles of phone, Internet and cable service. More and more phone providers in the United States are also beginning to offer broadband bundles, as well. The details of these packages differ depending on the company. Some offers include a mandatory service contract, which binds customers to that company and that range of service for a certain time period, while others do not. Other packages may include installation or the purchase or rental of wireless routers, while others expect you to buy your own equipment. Some broadband packages, particularly those in the United States, connect phone service to the Internet. These are usually called VoIP services, merge phone service with high-speed Internet, using the connection to convert voice into data while still enabling features like voice mail, call history, call waiting and call forwarding. Many companies also offer different kinds of broadband packages for individual homes, small businesses and larger enterprises, so that each can choose the kind and complexity of benefits needed.

Talk Talk Broadband Essentials Phone Package

Talk Talk is one of the most popular phone companies in the UK. In 2010, the Talk Talk Essentials package was one of the most affordable broadband bundles offered. The Essentials package includes broadband up to 24MB, with a 40GB download allowance. It also includes unlimited phone calls to all landlines in the United Kingdom on evenings and weekends. You can also choose 16 international and mobile phone numbers to make up our personal calling circle, which receive ten percent off calling rates. There is no connection fee with the Talk Talk Essentials plan, which also includes a free wireless G router and a free children’s computer program called the Magic Desktop, containing educational games for kids. The monthly cost of the Talk Talk Essentials plan is 6.99 pounds, or a little over ten US dollars.

Virgin Media Broadband Packages

Another popular choice in broadband bundles is the Virgin Media fiber optic plan, Customers get up to 10 MB of service, with unlimited downloads. It also includes free voice mail and unlimited calls to all UK landlines during the weekends. Customers also receive a free wireless router and the Virgin Media Security package. There is no need for an existing landline to get the fiber optic package, and Virgin guarantees no downtime. In 2010, Virgin was offering a special introductory rate of 5 BP per month for the first three months, and then a cost of 12.50 pounds per month thereafter.

Verizon Broadband Phone Packages

In the United States, Verizon offers three broadband packages, the FiOS Double Play and the FiOS Triple Play and Quad Plays. The Double Play bundles high-definition TV with Internet service. It starts at $69.99 per month for the first six months, and then rises to $79.99. However, the package includes installation, a free multi-room DVR for three months, a free wireless router and no activation fees. Also, no contract is required. The Triple Play adds unlimited calling to the same plan, while the Quad includes all these features and adds nationwide mobile phone talk service as well.

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