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Coffee Grinder Burr - Burr Coffee Grinders Make a Difference - Coffee Grinders and Taste, Burr Grinder Basics

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If you consider yourself a coffee aficionado, then you are probably aware that fresh-ground coffee is richest and tastiest. What you may not be aware of, however, is that the type of grinder plays an important role. It is a mistake to think that all coffee grinders are the same. First, they come in different sizes. Next, they work by several different methods, the main two being burr coffee grinders and blade grinders. They also come in high-speed and low-speed varieties. Lastly, coffee grinders can be dosing or non-dosing with stepped or stepless adjustment. Of these many factors, the most important is the method used – blade or burr grinders.

Coffee Grinders and Taste

Most coffee-lovers are aware that the size of the ground coffee greatly affects the taste. Fine-ground is necessary for espresso while a more course-ground bean delivers the proper flavor for drip coffee makers. Several other factors of the grind also affect taste. Coffee should be evenly ground. Burr coffee grinders provide the most uniform final product.

Heat is another factor that adversely affects the taste of coffee. Some grinders get too hot from the friction of the coffee grinding. This is especially true when grinding large quantities of beans. The more beans ground at one time, the higher the heat. Although both types of grinders can cause heat, some burr coffee grinders are made to resist it by operating at low speeds.

Ground coffee can also pick up static electricity during grinding. Static makes the ground beans hard to work with and the coffee will brew differently if they have too much static. Most coffee static is caused by blade grinders. Because of how burr grinders work, static in the ground beans is rare with this type of grinder.

Burr Grinder Basics

While blade grinders use rotating blades to grind coffee, much like a standard blender or food processor, burr grinders use either a disc or cone with ridges all the way around it to uniformly crush the beans. Both the flat-plate (disc) burr grinders and the conical burr grinders operate similarly. Each type uses two plates or cones, between which the coffee beans pass. One of the plates or cones remains stationary, while the other rotates, powered by the grinder motor. When the beans are ground to the proper sized the pass through to a collection chamber.

Burr grinders are considered the top-of-the-line coffee grinders. Accordingly, they are more expensive than most blade grinders. Burr grinders come in two sub-types, also: high-speed and low-speed.

High-speed grinders offer greater control over the fineness of the grind, but they produce some heat. High-speed burr grinders can also be fairly loud.

Low-speed burr coffee grinders are considered the highest-quality coffee grinders. Low-speed grinders produce very little heat and run quietly. Most low-speed grinders use a system of gears with a quality motor so the grinder has power yet operates slowly.

Burr grinders are very safe and easy to clean. Most burr coffee grinders have sensors built-in that recognize when beans are present and will not work at any other time. In contrast, blade grinders depend on a lid-switch. In addition, burr grinders will not operate is the hopper is detached. Cleaning of burr grinders is made simple by having a removable upper plate or cone. The chamber can then be cleaned with a hard-bristled brush.

On a final note, although burr grinders are by far the best sort of coffee grinder, they have one downfall. Burr coffee grinders do not work well with flavored coffees. Flavored coffees contain oils that stick to the plates or cones in-between the burrs, reducing the efficiency of the machine and their ability to grind. These gummy oil/coffee materials are difficult to clean, but if not cleaned properly it affects the taste of all subsequent grinds.

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