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Savannah Homes For Sale - Buying Savannah, Georgia Homes - The City of Savannah, Georgia, Neighborhoods in Savannah

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Savannah Georgia is one of the largest and oldest cities in the southern United States. Savannah was first established in 1733 as the capital of what was then the province of Georgia. Later on, it became the first state capital of Georgia, although that distinction has since gone to Atlanta. Many people come to the city each year to see Savannah’s many attractions, such as its old historic buildings and beautiful architecture. Savannah has both a historic district and a Victorian district, and is the home of the oldest antebellum rail facility in the United States. Savannah also has the First African Baptist Church, one of the first African-American congregations of Baptists in the country, and the Temple Mickve Israel, one of its oldest synagogues. Christ Church is also located in the city, which has the longest continuously-functioning Christian congregation in the US. Early rectors at Christ Church were George Whitefield and John Wesley. Savannah has hot, humid summers and mild winters. The coldest month is usually January, which has an average low of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The area’s pleasant weather and overall good quality of life has led to the population of Savannah jumping 17 percent in recent years.

Neighborhoods in Savannah

If you want to start thinking about buying a home in Savannah, you should know something about the neighborhoods. Savannah is laid out around 22 small, park-like squares. These are usually named in memory of people or events in history, and contain greenery, plaques, and statues. There are about 100 different neighborhoods in the city, organized into six major areas: Eastside, Westside, Southwest/West Chatham, Midtown, Downtown, and Southside. There are also several coastal islands in the area, like Tybee Island, which also sometimes is still called Savannah Beach, and Hutchinson Island.

Savannah, Georgia Homes For Sale

Since so many of the homes in Savannah are examples of fine old architecture, it can be difficult to find something affordable. A great many homes are priced in the $250,000 range. Waterfront homes can be even more, ranging from $500,00 to those costing over a million. Even condos on the waterfront can cost in the area of $200,000. It is possible, however, to find others which are more inexpensively priced. A modern four-bedroom home, close to Hunter Air Force Base, was priced in 2010 at $186,900. Keeping on eye out for homes in foreclosure can yield some surprising bargains. It is possible to find foreclosed homes starting at around $50,000. Sometimes, you may even be able to find incredible deals like a 2010 listing for a three-bedroom home for less than $10,000.

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