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Money Clip Card Holder - Carry Money with a Clip Card Holder

A Simple Way to Carry Necessities without a Wallet

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It is often less than ideal to carry around a bulky wallet whether traveling, going to a business meeting or a night out on the town. An easy way to carry some cards and cash is with a clip holder designed especially for this purpose. This is a step up from the original money clip holder that only held some cash. Newer clip holders have slots for cards in the top of the holder, as well as the clip to hold your cash.

For a sleek look, carry around a 2.5 × 2.88 inch clip holder weighing no more than an ounce.

Clip Holders come in many varieties, as well as price ranges. A simple one can be relatively inexpensive compared to the price of a wallet, a more elaborate one will run around the price of a regular wallet, and if you want something to stand out you can buy one from a jewelry store for a husband or loved one.

Money card clip holders come with many different monograms and logos. If you are going camping out west and want to take along one with a picture of a buffalo stitched on the front, you can do so. Carbon fiber money clip holders have high strength and durability. They also can pass through a scanner when traveling. The high strength and durability of carbon fiber, molded using advanced techniques, make for a high quality way to carry necessities. Some clip holders contain an ID slot, convenient for a night out on the town.

For a business meeting, try a steel monogrammed clip holder. Metal clip holders can be made of stainless steel, gold, silver, titanium or platinum. Steel clip holders can also be engraved and personalized. They are typically sold as luxury items. The disadvantage of metal clip holders, however, is that, due to the inflexibility of the metal, they cannot usually hold large amounts of cash. Titanium money clips can overcome this limitation to some degree, due to the greater flexibility of titanium. This allows for greater capacity (without stretching the clip holder out) and good tension for the clip holder in the closed position. Titanium also resists cracking and fatigue, and it does not wear out as quickly as other types of money clip holders.

Magnetic money clip holders are usually made of two strong magnets. These magnets are separated by a small piece of leather, allowing them to swivel to a closed and opened position. Sometimes they are made using three magnets and two pieces of leather. A magnetic money clip often has great capacity, the strongest clips able to hold 15 bills folded in half. However, they are not recommended for holding credit cards, as the magnets could erase or distort the magnetic strip.

Money card clips can be worn in numerous ways. They can be placed on the inside of jeans or a jacket. They can also be placed inside a shirt pocket for an almost invisible way to carry necessities to a business meeting. In some ways, a wallet can be compared to a walkman, whereas a money card clip holder can be compared in its smaller size to an mp3 player. Still, having both can be useful, depending on the occasion.

Money card clip holders can give a sense of freedom from the weight of carrying a wallet around all the time.

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