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Cheap Site Hosting - Cheap Site Hosting

Best Quality for Cheapest Price Site Hosting

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Choosing the best company and best package for site hosting involves evaluating levels of service, as well as business and personal needs. An average website uses less than 59 megabytes (MB) of space and 1 gigabyte (GB) of data transfer per month. Personal websites might need no more than 5MB of web space and 100MB of data transfer per month. Some places offer free hosting for a single or a few pages with or without advertisements. Business directory websites might need over 1GB of web space and 100sGB of data transfer. The important thing is to make sure your web hosting company will allow you to move to a large plan if your site requires it.

The next question is what type of functionality your site needs. Most sites come with some kind of scripting language such as ASP, PHP, Perl or CGI. In addition, your website may need dynamic database driven capabilities. If so, make sure to select one with mysql (for linux servers) or MS SQL (for Windows servers). For ecommerce needs, look for additional shopping cart software and SSL support. Also, if you need browser-based email, check for this functionality as well. It is a good idea to test the server speed and make sure the web hosting company has a redundant internet connection.

Reliability and levels of service are important factors in evaluating your service plans. Does your web hosting company offer 24/7 tech support? This should be an absolute given. Is their staff qualified? It is a good idea to ask if they have certified professionals. Professionals may have many of the Microsoft or Linux (Redhat, etc.) based certifications, as well as Mysql.

Another good question is: what is a company’s average response time for support requests? A reasonable response time is 12 hours or less. Also, are these responses automated responses, or are you able to contact a specialist. Does the web hosting company offer a money back guarantee?

It is important to be careful of deals that look too good to be true, especially those that say they give unlimited or unmetered web space or data transfer. If you went to the grocery store, you would not expect to pay $5 for an unlimited amount of fruit. In this case, you may be paying more than you need.

Also look for prices that seem far too low. For instance, you buy 550mg space and 15 GB web transfer for $5/month. You feel you have made an excellent deal, but in the first week of service you notice the server is unusually slow and sometimes even down for long periods of time. You send in a support ticket, but do not get a response for days. A couple days later, the server is still down and nobody is answering your emails. After a couple days of waiting, you realize that the company is not coming back and have vanished with your money. How can this happen? If the company offered prices lower than the service they were able to provide, they may have tried to pack 100 customers on one of their cheap servers, resulting in the slow response and greater downtime. Because the price is low, the company was not able to afford adequate support personel.

So choose wisely in picking your web service. If you want a server that is up and running 99.99% of the time, then look for reasonably cheap price, but not “too good to be true”.

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