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Financial Budgeting Software - Choosing Financial Budgeting Software - Quicken, Mint, You Need a Budget

Which Software is Right for You?

track goals people set

Businesses and individuals use financial budgeting software to stay on track with their finances. After people choose the software they want to use, they can input their financial data and begin to use the software as guidance.


Quicken is a complete financial solution. Individuals and businesses turn to Quicken to manage their financial data. People can set financial goals and use those goals to create a budget. Then, Quicken helps them stay on track.

Users are alerted any time Quicken finds red flags with their budget. People can address the flags so they will not go over budget.

Quicken Deluxe 2010 costs $59.99. People can download the program online or order a CD rom, which will be delivered to their homes.


If you want to use free budget planning software, consider Mint. This free service will allow you to input your financial data and set goals. You can track one time and reoccurring expenses. You can also create budgets and financial plans, and the software will help you stay on track. Since this service is free to use, you just need to sign up and you will gain access.

You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget allows users to create categories, and set up budgets for each category. When a category is set up, an envelope is created. The envelope acts as a fund for that particular category. When a purchase is made, money comes out of the envelope.

This software also imports information from the bank, which makes consolidation easy. People can use the software to get out of debt, save for big purchases or find problems with their spending habits.

As of 2010, You Need a Budget cost $59.95 to download.

Budgeting software will help you stay on track of your finances. You can find inexpensive, or even free, software to use online. Once you sign up for your software, you will be able to set goals and make sound choices so you can reach those goals.

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