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Mothers Day Baskets - Choosing and Making Mother's Day Baskets - Mother’s Day Flower Baskets, Mother’s Day Food Baskets, Bath and Body Baskets

flowers free filled mom

Mother’s Day is an important holiday in the United States, the one day every year when almost everyone takes the opportunity to show their mothers some appreciation for all she has done. The day has long been celebrated with cards, flowers and Sunday brunches, and there are some who think the holiday is incomplete without all three. There are many options when choosing Mother’s Day flowers. A dozen red roses are inappropriate for your mom, but bright, sunny flowers like sunflowers, lilies, daisies, azaleas, Queen Anne’s Lace, sala and waxflowers make for happy and beautiful bouquets. Most people want to present their gifts in person, but sometimes this is not possible, so it is fortunate that there are a number of companies, such as 1-800-Flowers or Teleflora that will deliver Mother’s Day flower baskets just in time for the holiday. You can also sometimes add extras such as chocolates or stuffed animals to your Mother’s Day flower basket as well.

Mother’s Day Food Baskets

Flowers are gorgeous, but fade so quickly. And some mothers are allergic to a whole range of flora, which can make choosing a flower basket difficult. Many people choose food baskets for Mother’s Day, which allows them to choose a special treat their mothers would like, something which can be shared, and also invest in something a little longer lasting than daisies. When choosing or making a food basket, remember that you want to pick something fresh and special without being too perishable or easy to crush in transit, especially if you order them delivered. The online Gift Basket Superstore features vendors offering several kinds of food baskets. including cookies, muffins, gourmet wine, Alaskan salmon, crispy crackers, whole grains, sugar-free snacks, gluten-free foods, vegan baskets, nut-free treats, low-carb offerings and kosher foods.

Bath and Body Baskets

Always popular with mothers are bath and body baskets. These are baskets filled with perfumes, lotions, shampoos, body sprays, bath pillows, sponges, soap flakes and other kinds of products to pamper yourself. Art Town Gifts offers a basket full of sea salts, lotions and six kinds of foaming, anti-bacterial hand soaps in scents of vanilla, lavender, and mango. It also has the “Moms Spa Basket” of scented sachets, soothing gel eye mask, rose petal flakes, body butter, potpourri, a floral-scented notepad and aromatherapy candles.

Unusual Mother’s Day Baskets

If you want do something other than flowers, soap and food, you can make your own customized basket, more suited to your mother’s tastes and your own. If she loves movies, make a Movie Night basket filled with popcorn, DVDs, a movie guide and theater tickets. If she likes to bake, make your mom a basket of vintage spoons, jars, cookie cutters, an apron, ingredients and recipes. If she is the laid-back kind of mom who likes to hang out in her robe and read the paper on Sunday mornings, you can make her a basket filled with tea, good coffees, books of puzzles, a robe and slippers. Your basket does not have to be expensive to show your mother that you are thinking about her.

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