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Back Up Hard Drive - Choosing the Right Method to Back Up Your Hard Drive - External Hard Drives, Desktop Software Back Ups, Online Back Ups

Which Back Up Method is Right for You

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Everyone has a computer. Most people spend years filling up their hard drive with relevant documents, pictures and memories, and think they will be there when they need them. The nasty truth is, computers are machines. A virus will infect the hard drive or the computer will crash eventually and you will lose everything. It is necessary to have a hard drive back up. This will save your files when your computer stops working.

You can back up your hard drive several ways. You may want to install an external hard drive to your computer and save your files to it. Some software programs will back up your hard drive to disc. Other programs allow you to save your information to remote sites. All of these options will give you the security you need. Now you need to decide which is best for you.

External Hard Drives

External hard drives attach to your computer allowing you to save files to a physical drive outside of your computer. You can run a back of your computers files and save them to this device. External hard drives come in several sizes enabling you to save large amounts of data. These drives are a powerful way to save individual files you do not want to lose. The problem with external hard drives is they are in the same location as your computer. If something should happen to your home, you will lose all data.

Desktop Software Back Ups

You can also purchase desktop software that will back up your files. One of the best advantages of software is that you can schedule backups. Most desktop software will back up all information on your computer including programs, documents, music and photos. You can also create CDs to boot your computer if it crashes. Desktop software will save your information for either CD or DVD format. It is an excellent idea to store these discs in a location away from your computer.

Online Back Ups

Backing up your hard drive with online programs is another option. These programs will take all your important computer information from your computer and remotely store them on a database. You will also be able to schedule backups. The best part of using this option is that you will have your documents and programs stored off site and you will have access to it virtually anywhere.

It does not matter which type of back up you use for your computer. The important thing to remember is, if you do not back up the information on your computer, you could potentially lose it one day. Computers are not infallible. Without a back up in place, you are taking a chance that you may lose all of your data.

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