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Wireless Camera Surveillance - Choosing the Right Security System

Available Security Systems to Keep Your Home or Office Safe

cameras home systems safe

Everyone wants to be safe at all times whether at home or the office. Most businesses have surveillance systems in place to keep their businesses and employees safe. Today, wireless technology lets anyone install a security system in his or her home or business with ease. Due to the competition in this market, there are several options to choose. You need to determine what you will use the camera system for before you can make a decision on which wireless camera surveillance system to buy.

Baby monitors have come a long way. One of the most popular wireless surveillance systems today is a camera placed in your nursery to keep an eye on a baby. The Lorex LW2002W comes with a camera for the nursery and a rechargeable monitor you can bring with you. This system will record color images up to 450 ft. away from the camera and includes a night vision feature. You can get these systems for $127 through online retailers like Amazon or at your local infant store.

Businesses or homeowners looking for a system to keep watch on their front and rear doors should consider the Lorex LW1012 color wireless system. This system comes with a monitoring device that can connect to any television and two cameras. The cameras can be connected directly to a power source or rechargeable batteries. The cameras have a clear shooting rage of up to 23 feet. You can easily install this system yourself with a drill and screwdriver. You can find this system for $159 at the Home Security Store’s online catalog.

If you are looking for the high security for your property, the Lorex LW2702 will give you two long-range cameras with a seven-inch LCD receiver. These cameras in this system will give you crisp color images and are equipped with night vision capabilities up to 40 feet. The images from the cameras are recorded with a date stamp that can be played back or stored. This system can be expanded to record 4 cameras with additional purchased separately for $149. You can find this system at the Home Security Store for $397.

Choosing the right camera surveillance system is as simple as knowing your needs. Before you jump into a purchase, determine exactly what you need from the system. Wireless systems can give you the peace of mind you need to feel safe in your home or office. You want to make sure you get a system that will give you the protection you need without interference.

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