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12 Inch Laptops - Comparing 12-inch laptops versus netbooks - 12-inch laptops have more RAM

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Finding a good laptop computer can be very difficult, especially because there are so many different ones to choose from. One size of laptop computer that many people find very helpful is 12-inch laptops. This is because of their compact size, although it is very important to note that all 12-inch laptops are not full-on computers. Many of the computers that people classify as 12-inch laptops are actually netbooks and it is important to understand the difference between the two types of machines before you go shopping.

12-inch laptops have more RAM

In general, 12-inch laptops should always be faster than their netbook counterparts, and there are several factors that contribute to this extra speed. One of those factors is the amount of RAM the machine has. RAM is random access memory, and it is a form of computer data storage that is used by the computer while it is running programs. More RAM means a faster computer, and 12-inch laptops should always outpace netbooks when it comes to speed. The line between netbooks and laptops is extremely blurred when it comes to RAM, but, in general, laptops should have quite a bit more RAM than their netbook counterparts. The only way to tell the difference between a netbook and a laptop when it comes to RAM is to compare several different models and look at the RAM included in each. The machines that have the higher RAM numbers are always going to be the laptops.

12-inch laptops have faster processors

Another factor that goes into the speed of a machine is the processor. Laptop computers are simply meant to do a whole lot more than netbooks are, so it only makes sense that they will be faster. A machine with a faster processor is definitely a laptop.

12-inch laptops have bigger hard drives

Another area laptops outperform netbooks is in the hard drive department. Netbooks simply are not meant to have a lot of storage. The purpose of a netbook is essentially to surf the internet. Many netbooks also have word processing capabilities on them, but the amount of storage space will leave a lot to be desired. Always look for the 12-inch machines that have larger hard drives than the others. There should be a definite dividing line between netbooks and laptops.

Laptops have better-looking graphics

Overall, laptops should always outperform netbooks by a lot in every way imaginable, and the way the graphics look is a bit more subtle feature than the others. There are no numbers that tell you how good the graphics will look, but a simple visual comparison between a laptop computer and a netbook should reveal a very obvious difference between the laptop and the netbook. Faster machines can support better graphics, so if the graphics on the laptop computer do not look much better than the netbook version, then you can be sure that the laptop computer probably is not worth the money they are asking for it.

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