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Corporate Conference Calling - Conference Calling Made Easy - Conference Calling Phone Systems, Free Conference Calling Companies, Pay Conference Calling Companies

Ways to Make a Conference Call for Business Meetings

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Corporate conference calling has become a necessity. The business world has become global and at time, there is a need to talk to all of your offices at once. The legal industry has been using corporate calls on large cases with several attorneys for year. There are many choices when choosing conference-calling plans. You will have to make sure each company can handle the number of people in your party, long distance and international calls and the quality of the connections.

Conference Calling Phone Systems

Most of the office phone systems have conference calling features. When you hook a phone up with multiline capabilities, you can simply call a number and conference up to three additional numbers on your call. This is an easy function to operate and you only are charged long distance fees. When using the conference function on a phone, you call the first number. After you have the party on the line, hit the conference button and that call is placed on hold. Dial the next number and hit the conference button again. All three parties will then be on the same call.

Free Conference Calling Companies

If you do not make a large number of conference calls, you may want to use a free service. Quality Conference Calls offers free conferencing services. You simply sign into their system, request a conference call and you are emailed a number for all of the members of the conference to call. This company allows conferences with up to 250 people. Since people will be calling into the conference call number, you will not incur long distance charges for this call.

Pay Conference Calling Companies

Companies who make frequent conference calls may want to use conference-calling companies. When you choose one of these companies, you are charged between .10 and .24 cents per minutes for each party that is called. When you choose these services, you will set up a conference with a company like AT&T. They will then have the number and call each party for the conference. This is a good option for companies with frequent scheduled conferences.

Free corporate calling plans may be the way to go with smaller companies. Larger companies who want the system automated need to use a company who contact all parties and connects them on one call. If all you need is a conference between two or three people, look into a phone that allows you to make the call from your office. With the number of services available, you can get the call you want from one of the corporate conference calling companies.

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